Factual Confirmation of Misleading Claims Regarding Oxygen Treatment

Line of people outside the oxygen supplier

Oxygen for treating Covid is increasingly difficult to find in India, forming long lines to refill cylinders

As India fights the deadly second wave of the pandemic, its healthcare system is under serious tension.

Hospitals are experiencing oxygen deficiencies in patients, and false information online is spreading as people try to get their supplies.

This includes misleading claims about how to treat low oxygen levels, one of the symptoms of Covid-19.

We have seen some of these.

Nebulizer cannot supply oxygen

The video is widely shared on the social media of doctors who claim that a nebulizer (a small medical device for sending a fine spray of medicine to a patient) can be used in place of an oxygen cylinder.

In videos distributed on Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp, he showed how to use it, explaining in Hindi that “our environment has enough oxygen that this (nebulizer) can provide.” You can see it.

Nebulizers designed to deliver inhaled drugs cannot supply oxygen to Covid patients

Nebulizers designed to deliver inhaled drugs cannot supply oxygen to Covid patients

He goes on to say, “All you need is a nebulizer, from which you can get oxygen.”

The hospital, named in a post near the capital, Delhi, keeps away from the video’s allegations, saying that the use of nebulizers is not supported by “evidence or scientific research.”

Other medical professionals have also pointed out that this technology has no effect on supplying additional oxygen.

After the video is widely shared, The doctor who appeared there responded to the criticism by releasing another video clip, stating that he was “misunderstood.”

He said he did not intend to suggest that the nebulizer could replace the oxygen cylinder, but did not explain why he said he could get oxygen from the nebulizer.

The original video continues to be widely distributed, and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi used the screenshot in a recent speech.

No voice was used, but it was displayed, while Modi said, “Many doctors share information through social media and consult over the phone or WhatsApp.”

Herbal remedies do not work and can be dangerous

India’s social media platform is flooded with messages suggesting home remedies for various herbs to treat symptoms of Covid-19, such as low oxygen levels.

One of the widely shared “therapies” suggests that a mixture of camphor, cloves, carom seeds and eucalyptus oil is beneficial in maintaining oxygen levels while suffering from the virus. ..

Screenshots of doctors promoting oxygen herbal remedies No evidence

Screenshots of doctors promoting oxygen herbal remedies No evidence

There is no evidence that this can help infected people.

A video promoting this mixture, presented by a traditional Indian Ayurvedic medical doctor, has been shared over 23,000 times on Facebook and WhatsApp.

In fact, camphor oil, which is widely used in skin creams and ointments, is potentially harmful when taken internally.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns that camphor vapor inhalation can cause poisoning.

Lemon is not the answer either

Senior Indian politicians and businessmen have recently argued that adding two drops of lemon juice to the nose can increase oxygen saturation.

Screenshots of politicians proposing lemon therapy-no evidence

Screenshots of politicians proposing lemon therapy-no evidence

Vijay Sankeshwar said he suggested to a colleague that his oxygen levels were low and “the oxygen levels rose from 88% to 96% within 30 minutes.” He went on to say that 80% of India’s oxygen deficiency can be resolved with this treatment.

However, there is no evidence that this treatment affects oxygen saturation in the blood.

And neither is a “magical” deep breath

Baba Ramdev, India’s most popular yoga guru, has appeared on a news channel, and his YouTube channel claims that he shows how to raise oxygen levels at home. there is.

In the video, while wearing a device that measures the blood oxygen concentration of one finger, he says, “There are oxygen shades and screams all over the country, but I will show you the magic.”

Yoga Guru provides home remedies to increase oxygen saturation

Yoga Guru provides home remedies to increase oxygen saturation

Played over 300,000 times on the YouTube channel, this video shows a breathing exercise that holds your breath while sitting and your blood oxygen levels are well below the recommended safety levels.

But then he said: “Two deep breaths give you oxygen (returned to the blood). Oxygen is abundant (in the environment).”

Yoga practice is generally good for your health, but if your oxygen saturation decreases due to a medical condition such as Covid-19, the World Health Organization (WHO) will provide you with medical oxygen (nearly 100% pure oxygen). Recommended.

“Low oxygen levels, long-term low oxygen levels, and without treatment, the cells themselves do not work well. Again, the life-saving treatment is medical oxygen.” Dr. Janet Diaz of WHO says.

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