Fake heir Anna Sorokin makes a new bid to fight deportation

New York (AP) — Anna Sorokin, a convicted scammer who claimed to be a German heir to fund New York’s luxury lifestyle, has a new bid to fight deportation. The lawyer said on Tuesday.

Sorokin, who influenced the recent Netflix series “Inventing Anna” Under the control of U.S. Customs and immigration law enforcement agencies Almost a year ago. She remained imprisoned in the Hudson Valley of New York on Tuesday, said lawyer Manny Arora.

He said she submitted documents on Monday asking her to postpone her expulsion from the country.

ICE on Tuesday just said she was under the control of the agency.

Was Solokin Convicted in 2019 Spent with Behind the bar for over 3 yearsSince then, I have been trying to deport. Appeals Immigration judges refused to prevent the dismissal of a 31-year-old German citizen last month.

According to prosecutors, using the name Anna Delvey, Solokin entered the elite New York social circle by disguising himself as a social celebrity with a fortune of $ 67 million (€ 61 million) abroad. Paved the way for. She falsely claimed to be the daughter of a diplomat and the Baron of Oil.

Prosecutors said Sorokin lied that he had forged records, lent them to banks, stayed in luxury hotels, and had energetic Manhattans pay for plane tickets and other expenses, stealing a total of $ 275,000.

Her trial lawyer cast her as an ambitious entrepreneur. He financially overcame her head and simply bought her time to pay her debt.