Fallsgun factory found

April 6-Falls Police Narcotics & Intelligence Division detectives dismantle what they describe as “ghost gun manufacturing” in a house on 78th Avenue.

Police officers from the Falls Police Emergency Response Team ran an investigation warrant at their home on 332 78th Street after 10 am on Monday and found a long gun and pistol cache inside. Weapons were commonly known as ghost guns.

The term usually applies to homemade or improvised guns manufactured without a commercial serial number, making it nearly impossible to track a weapon.

Investigators said they had recovered about 13 pistols, 9 rifles and 3 sword-off shotguns. The rifle was primarily described as an AR-15 style assault rifle.

The AR-15 is one of the most commonly manufactured ghost guns, but AK-47 style semi-automatic rifles are also commonly manufactured as ghost guns.

NID detectives also confiscated thousands of ammunition and various other gun parts, ready to be assembled, along with a small amount of suspicious cocaine.

Investigators said they had detained Alfred M. Bucks (33, 332 78th St.) and charged him with multiple weapons. Bucks is pending a tentatively scheduled prosecution later today.

The guns were manufactured in a modest two-story house in the city’s LaSalle district. On Monday night, I saw some SUVs and a black pickup truck on the driveway of my house.

The pickup truck had a sign with a vulgar reference to President Joe Biden hanging from the tailgate.

Neither police nor prosecutors could immediately explain why Bucks was making guns or who the weapons were intended for. Falls police said the investigation into the operation was ongoing.

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