False statistics used to promote new legislation and deceive Australians


How can Australians trust our institution if the government can be terrified of passing strict laws as a result of misleading statistics?

Last year, the controversial sexual consent law debate passing through the New South Wales (NSW) Parliament falsely claimed five times as many sexual assaults as actually reported, and ten times as many of such cases. Was dominated by false statistics on underestimated sexual assault decisions in court.

These inaccurate statistics, published on the Legislative Commission’s website, are widely used to scare parliamentarians and the general public to believe that our criminal justice system is failing rape victims. Used.

The Commission knew that their data was incorrect before the law was introduced, but it is now proven to have been kept quiet. Within two weeks of the bill being passed, they suddenly published their corrections on their website.

Was this timing a coincidence, or was it a deliberate tactic to ensure the smooth passage of these new laws?

In March of last year, he questioned the surprisingly low 2% conviction rate for rape in New South Wales and tried a sexual assault case.

Greg Andresen, one of the most tenacious researchers working on men’s issues, wrote to the NSW Crime Statistics Research Office (BOCSAR), which collects most of the relevant data, and asked for clarification in the case: Spent a month. ..

BOCSAR confirmed that they didn’t know where the 2% figure came from, and Andresen set out to investigate to confirm accurate statistics.

Epoch Times Photo
New South Wales Police Commissioner Mick Fuller will speak at the COVID-19 update and press conference on July 30, 2021 in Sydney, Australia. (Lisa Marie Williams Pool / Getty Images)

Andresen has put together a timeline of the resulting paper trails, tracking relevant authorities to find out what happened ()pdf).

At the heart of the matter was the 2020 NSW Law Amendment Commission Report on the Proposed Sexual Consent Law, which enthusiastically promoted the enthusiastic / positive consent law promoted by NSW Attorney General Marks Peakman. I recommended that you disagree.

The NSW Bar Association warned (pdf) These laws “potentially criminalize many sexual relationships.” The real purpose of these laws is to require confirmation of consent at every stage of sexual activity and to find more men guilty of rape.

However, feminist Robbie seized important statistics contained in the Commission’s publications, claiming that only three percent of those who claimed to have committed sexual crimes ended up in the final accusation.

New South Wales Police Commissioner Mick Fuller You can board immediately, The Telegraph wrote: “Last year, there were more than 15,000 reports of sexual assault, but men continue to avoid it. Less than 2% of reports have led to court convictions.”

Notice that he is talking about the conviction. This is, of course, less than the final claim, including failed cases. But in any case, the small numbers are off the mark.

The Commission misrepresented the actual number of reported sexual assault cases more than five times, ruining a great deal of time. This means that the percentage of stakeholders faced with the final accusations of sexual assault is ten times higher than what they claimed.

It took nine months for Andresen to admit that he had released misleading data.

On December 6, the Law Amendment Commission finally published an extensive amendment on their website (pdf), Admit that they packed it completely.

The Commission falsely claimed five times as many sexual assault cases as were actually reported (14,171 vs. 2,549).

The proportion of reported sexual offenses decided in court was 10 times higher than what the Commission originally claimed, a leap from 3 to 30 percent.

There were 323 convictions for sexual assault. That is, 12.7% of the reported cases led to convictions, not the first 2-3% alleged.

Sexual assault is taken very seriously. BOCSAR figures show that the average free sentence for sexual assault is one of the highest of all crimes, with 57% of convicted persons being sentenced to free. .. From March 2013 to September 2021, the number of sexually assault prisons more than doubled.

These statistics are readily available, but our media and politicians will instead spend six months disseminating false information to watch out for, based on the Commission’s highly inaccurate statistics. Was selected.

“There will be many people screaming for action, screaming for law changes, and screaming for cultural change,” says Speakman. Claim In one of many media articles citing misleading 2-3 percent numbers.

Epoch Times Photo
Attorney General and Minister of Domestic Violence Prevention Mark Speakman speaks to the media at a press conference in Sydney, Australia, on March 31, 2020. (AAPImage / Joel Carrett)

Thanks to Greg Andresen’s efforts, officials were informed that the Commission had misleaded the public by late September last year.

The Commission acknowledged that BOCSAR is preparing to respond to Andresen’s inquiries. This is an unspoken understanding that they knew they were wrong.

“We hope it will be completed this week,” a BOCSAR analyst told Andresen on October 18.

Two days later, a new sexual consent reform bill was submitted to Congress, where politicians lined up to show their awakened qualifications.One after another, they Quote 2-3% numbers as the gospel, or Shouted out The blue murder of the wrath of 15,000 sexual assault complaints led to such a low reaction.

Green MP Tamara Smith Quote Hansard argues that “the structure and rifts of the law surrounding sexual assault have silenced and sacrificed most cisgender women for decades.”

On November 18, Andresen contacted BOCSAR to check progress. Analysts claimed that “there was some complexity in resolving the difference in numbers.”

On November 23, the legislation passed parliament. Within two weeks, a detailed fix suddenly appeared on the Commission’s website.

game over.

The Legal Amendment Commission did not meet its obligation to notify Congress that the report submitted in November 2020 contained serious errors prior to the debate on the sexual consent bill.

It’s shocking to know that the Commission knew that this terribly misleading data was manipulating parliamentarians to believe that the criminal justice system needed drastic reforms, but what they did. I didn’t.

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Bettina Arndt


Bettina Arndt is an Australian writer and social critic on gender issues. She was the first sex therapist and feminist in the country before focusing on men’s rights. Arndt has written several books, contributed to major newspaper titles and magazines, and is regularly featured on television. She was awarded the Order of Australia in 2020 for her work in promoting gender equality through the advocacy of men. Find her online on her blog, BettinaArndt.substack.com.