Falun Gong practitioners hold a large parade in Toronto calling for the end of a persecution campaign in China

Candice Bergen, the leader of the provisional Tories, states that Chinese supporters are “extremely suffering because of their faith.”

A rally of about 1,200 Falun Gong learners followed by a parade in Toronto on July 17 to call for the end of a persecution campaign launched by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) 23 years ago against Chinese supporters. It was held in downtown.

During a rally outside the Ontario Parliament in Queen’s Park, spiritual group practitioners spoke from victims of persecution and from several Canadian authorities, including interim Conservative leader Candice Bergen. I received words of support.

“Freedom of religion is the center of just society. No matter where you live, no one should be targeted or harassed by their religion,” Bergen said in a letter he read at the rally. ..

“Sadly, the Chinese Communist Party has persecuted Falun Gong practitioners who have suffered great suffering for their faith for many years. The fact that the Falun Gong tradition is rooted in the peaceful values ​​of truth, compassion and forgiveness. Nevertheless, reports of unacceptable human rights violations against Falun Gong continue to surface. “

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Falun Gong practitioners attended a parade in downtown Toronto on July 16, 2022, calling for the end of persecution of fellow supporters in China. (The Epoch Times / The Epoch Times)

Former Conservative Wladyslaw Lizon, born in Poland under communist rule, has called on governments around the world to take action to end the persecution.

“Everyone has the right to live in peace, worship in the way he chooses, and have his own political views. Freedom is a universal value and should be restricted by any government. No, “he said.

“It is very important to know that the Chinese people are not alone, because if they are alone, if the world forgets, the Chinese government will win.”

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Former Conservative Congressman Wladyslaw Lizon shows a sign of victory when he speaks at a rally held by Falun Gong learners in downtown Toronto on July 17, 2022. (AndrewChen / The Epoch Times)

“Crimes against humanity and genocide”

Falun Gong, also known as Falun Dafa, consists of five meditative exercises and moral teachings based on the beliefs of truth, compassion, and tolerance. Official estimates indicate that this practice, introduced in China in 1992, quickly became widespread and by 1999 had attracted 70 to 100 million supporters.

However, former CCP leader Jiang Zemin saw such popularity as a threat to the authoritarian rule of the administration and launched his massive campaign on July 20, 1999. And death. They are also subject to organ removal, forcing important organs to be removed and supplied to China’s profitable organ transplant industry.

“The publicity of intense state-owned hatred has changed Chinese society against discrimination, abduction, imprisonment, incredible torture and death for tens of millions of people practicing Falun Gong in China,” said Falun Gong. Association spokesman Joel Chipker said at the rally.

“Legal experts have confirmed that crimes against humanity and genocide have occurred. Evidence also shows that large numbers of people practicing Falun Gong have been killed for important organs in communist countries. It shows that. “

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Falun Gong practitioners celebrate 23 years after the persecution of spiritual practice by the Chinese Communist Party. (The Epoch Times / The Epoch Times)
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Children also participated in rallies and parades. (The Epoch Times / The Epoch Times)

Mr. Chipcar also said that the CCP’s influential activities have led to acquiescence to the persecution of the international community.

“There has never been more international silence in the face of such a major crime against humanity, as observed in the persecution of Falun Gong over the last 23 years,” he said. “Why? The CCP tried to indifferently manipulate the international community using monetary, political pressure, and hatred propaganda to attack Falun Gong.”

“Here in Canada, Communists continue to spread their hatred for Falun Gong and pressure government officials at all levels to remain silent against persecution,” he continued.

“Therefore, the Chinese Communist Party is not only targeting Falun Gong. It is attacking the moral conscience of all onlookers who are given the choice to stand on the side of innocence or evil.”

Rizon tells peoplework together To defeat this terrible government of China When Take Freedom To Follower of Falun Gong When all Citizen of China. “

“Me very hope that 1 Day, Somehow we meet here Also somewhere If I do not of Toronto, good Get used to celebrate our Victory, “he said.

On July 16, Falun Gong practitioners held a candlelight vigil outside the Chinese Consulate in Toronto in protest of government persecution.

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Falun Gong practitioners will hold a candlelight vigil outside the Chinese Consulate in Toronto on July 16, 2022 to commemorate the 23rd anniversary of the persecution initiated by the Chinese Communist Party’s administration against fellow Chinese supporters. (Evannin / Epoch Times)
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Andrew Chen is a reporter for the Epoch Times based in Toronto.