Family fights HB1041 banning transgender girls from girls’ sports

Kirin Clawson is posing in front of a photo of her family at home on Wednesday.

When Kirin Clawson was two years old, he began refusing to leave the house without wearing a tutu. If she only wore boys’ clothes, she would throw a tantrum.

When her parents Beth and Nathaniel Clawson noticed she was wearing a girl’s clothes, she went out and took “Frozen” themed shoes from Smith’s shoe center. I bought it.

By the time she was three years old, Kirin was alive as her true self. She started her transition before her school. This includes using the correct pronouns and buying clothes that feel comfortable.

Currently she is a 9 year old transgender girl in 3rd grade. Childs Elementary School.. Beth said she was frank, precocious, entertaining, roller derby, volleyball, and swimmer tycoon.