Famous actor among Afghan refugees in Karachi


With the Taliban taking over Kabul, thousands of people, including famous actors, have fled in Afghanistan for fear of the future of the country.

Farhad Khan is one of the many Afghan refugees currently living in camps in the Pakistani city of Karachi.

The local star has worked with various actors around the world and said it was the Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan who wanted to follow in his footsteps.

However, since the acquisition, he has expressed fear of returning to Afghanistan and continuing his career in the country after he said he had made the Taliban an actor in the past.

“The Taliban don’t want actors to work in movies and dramas,” he said.

“They killed a lot of people who worked on TV and movies. If I visit Afghanistan again, it will be my last day.”

Kahn added that he is currently stuck in Pakistan and feels “powerless” about the situation.

The horror of the actor has been shared by others in the Karachi refugee camp, including student Nashib Khan, who has lived in Pakistan for the past four years.

Since their takeover, all terrorist actions in their sudden sweep of power have been carefully watched.

They claim they have changed and do not impose the same tyranny as they did when they last ruled Afghanistan, but they eliminated women’s rights, carried out public executions, and contained al-Qaeda years before the 9/11 attack. Did.

However, many Afghans remained deeply skeptical, and the violent reaction to the domestic protests on Wednesday only fueled fear.

Associated Press