Famous chef Mario Batali’s trial is set to begin in Boston

The jury trial selection will begin on Monday in Mario Batali’s trial on suspicion of sexual misconduct.

The famous chef has been accused of vulgar assaults and assaults related to the 2017 incident at a restaurant in Boston. Batari has been accused of forcibly kissing and groping for women after taking selfies with them.

Batari is sentenced to up to 2.5 years in the Suffolk County House of Corrections.

Batari’s lawyer said the indictment was “no merit.”

Batari was once a food network fixture at shows such as “Malt Mario” and “Iron Chef”. However, the flying career of a personality wearing a ponytail and orange crocs collapsed in recent allegations of sexual misconduct. After four women accused him of improper contact in 2017, Batari resigned from his day-to-day operations in the restaurant empire and left the ABC cooking show “The Chu,” which was subsequently discontinued.

Mario Batali acquits vulgar assault and battery charging

Last July, Batari, his business partner, and a New York City restaurant company settled a four-year investigation by the New York State Attorney General for allegations that Batari, restaurant managers, and other workers had sexually harassed their employees. Agreed to pay $ 600,000 to do so.

The jury trial selection in his trial is expected to begin on Monday and last for a day. The trial is expected to last for two days.

The trial is taking place in the center of the Boston City Court

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