Fanphone to Ciara’s new post with her husband Russell Wilson


Siara Surprised fans on December 4th after sharing a throwback fashion post with her husband, Seattle Seahawks quarterback. Russell Wilson..

In the Instagram upload, a couple wearing matching black and gray ensembles was on a set of photo shoots for a unisex perfume line called “R & C”.The brand named after the pair’s first initials release last year.

In Ciara's latest post with her husband Russell Wilson, fans fainted on their appearance.  @ ciara / Instagram

In Ciara’s latest post with her husband Russell Wilson, fans fainted on their appearance. @ ciara / Instagram

In addition to the images, the 36-year-old portrayed how much she liked her and Wilson’s snapshots.she I have written, “Me N My Boo. I love this photo of us since we were on the set. Those fragrances are correct!” When fans started looking at Ciara’s post, many people saw it for the fifth time. The pair who celebrated the wedding anniversary Back in July, it was a “relationship goal.”

“I love how beautiful this power couple is.”

“Power couple. The couple you killed together, please be with me.”

“You guys keep getting stronger in my relationship goals.”

“Beautiful photos, power couples.”

In the “Relationship Goals” statement, Instagram users raised Ciara’s ex-boyfriend Bow Wow, comparing the singers’ current relationships. They said, “Bow Wow was never possible.” Another individual who shared similar views with social media users replied “never.”

Bow Wow told people last month Stop blaming He who hurt Siara. The former couple dated in the early 2000s and collaborated on the rapper’s 2005 hit single “Like You”. The pair eventually took a different path in 2006 after rumors of Bow Wow being fooled began to spread.

The turmoil began when Twitter users brought out Ciara’s dating history and included the names of 50 Cent and Future. They said, “Ciara really dated 50 Cent and Future.” Another individual added Bow Wow’s name to the mix while reposting the original upload, saying, “Bow Wow … the woman has gone through hell.”

When he noticed that the “roll bounce” actor was happening, he replied, “17 years ago … I’m still blamed. This is wild.”

With an additional tweet, he shut down allegations of fraud. He states: “In this summer’s album, a woman blamed me. I shit, what am I doing? I don’t even fool women. I’m not a dog, I promise increase.”

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