Fans can’t get over these adorable photos of Tom Daley knitting at the Olympics


Tom Daley continues to be a favorite of Olympic fans for many reasons.

This time around, a 27-year-old Olympic diver from the UK delighted his fans with his clip knitting on the stand when he saw the final of the women’s 3m diving competition on Sunday. At the stand, the diver wore a royal blue tank top and mask, while appearing to knit items with pink and purple threads.

Tom Daley knits on the stand.  (Jogidens / PA Images / Getty Images)

Tom Daley knits on the stand. (Jogidens / PA Images / Getty Images)

Official olympic twitter The account participated in the fun, sharing shots of Daily enthusiastically knitting alone.

“This? Olympic champion @ TomDaley1994 is just knitting on the stand while watching the dive,” the tweet read.

Diver fans celebrated his hobbies and healthy moments on social media and shared photos and clips while watching live coverage of the finals.

“I feel very happy with Tom Daley knitting on the stand,” wrote one fan. “It was no joke to say that it was a hobby.”

Another fan commented on the moment in a reply to BBC Sport. Tweet“It’s great that Olympic champion Tom Daley casually knits in the crowd.”

“I’m not Tom Daley knitting at Olympic i-” Another fan tweeted With a shot of a diver he keeps knitting while watching the event.

Daily started knitting and crocheting at the beginning of the blockade, saying “I’ve been crazy about it ever since” and started an Instagram account dedicated to his work. September 2020 Called “Made With Love By Tom Daley.”

He aims to draw some of his homemade works to raise money for charity.Earlier this month he Successful raffle off A chunky rainbow sweater raised £ 5,787 for a UK-based brain tumor charity. Daily chose this tissue because his father died of a 40-year-old brain tumor in 2011.

Divers created everything from hats and boots, sweaters and scarves, and more recently His gold medal case!!

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On Tuesday, July 27, the diver not only won the gold medal for him and his partner Matty Lee, but also spread by word of mouth. Winner of the Men’s Synchronized 10m Platform Not for an event, but for a lovely case he knitted for a medal.

Daily unveiled his latest work in his “Made With Love By Tom Daley” video clip Instagram Account before sharing inspirational notes about what knitting means to him on a more personal level.

“I usually don’t necessarily post anything related to knitting on the” Made With Love “page, but I and my synchro partner Matty won the Olympics yesterday,” Daley said with a gold medal on the camera. .. “I thought I was coming, but what kept me sane throughout the process was my love for knitting, crocheting, and sewing everything.”

Daily thanked the fans for continuing their Olympic and knitting journey.

“But not only that, but this morning I made it a bit more cozy to prevent the medals from getting hurt,” he added, showing how it works. “So it’s here. There’s a slot like this, a Union Jack on one side, a Hinomaru on the other side, and if you have a small pouch that you can carry around without damaging the medals, everything works. About that? “