Fans go crazy over Michelle Obama’s new hairstyle in photo with Barack Obama

former president barack obama and first lady Michelle Obama They were spotted enjoying dinner together in Washington, D.C.

The couple were snapped by the woman seated across from them, dining side by side.

“If I’m having dinner at the same place as Mr. and Mrs. Obama, I’m at the right place! I’m fanning out,” @MsKelly_ posted on her Twitter account.

Her tweets quickly caught people’s attention, quickly garnering over 6,000 retweets and over 1,300 quoted tweets.

Michelle Obama opened the box for her new book. IG/Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama opened the box for her new book. IG/Michelle Obama

Many tweets focused on how lucky @MsKelly_ was to be in the same place as the Obamas, but many were at the heart of it. their focus First Lady Michelle Obama’s box braid hairstyle.

Before Obama’s presidency ended in 2016, Mrs. Obama usually made headlines for her. stylish color coordination Costumes and incredibly sensual silk presses.

Photo: @Michelle Obama/Instagram

Photo: @Michelle Obama/Instagram

Fans have now gone from admiring her elegant, natural hairstyle to admiring her dignified and protective braid look.

“Sorry Michelle braids! [heart eyes]”

“Is that a braid of bamboo shoots???”

“Michelle’s hair hasn’t been straight since she left the White House.”

The beloved Obamas recently celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary while relaxing on the beach.

Barack and Michelle Obama @michelleobama/Instagram

Barack and Michelle Obama @michelleobama/Instagram

“Happy birthday to someone I love! The last 30 years have been an adventure. Thank you for having you by my side. Now we’re together for the rest of our lives. @BarackObama, I love you,” the former first lady said. wrote.

The mother of two now has fans going crazy for her latest books Titled ‘Michelle Obama: The Light We Carry’, due to be released on November 15th.

Her first memoir, “Becoming Michelle Obama,” was published in 2018, affected women all around the world. Obama was also identified as the world’s highest-paid author in 2019. according to to LitHub after her book became the “best-selling book published in the United States in 2018.”