Fans who caused the Tour de France crash face suspended sentence

Brest, France — A prosecutor in a roadside spectator trial that caused a major crash in the first stage of the Tour de France in June sought a four-month imprisonment on Thursday, a lawyer at Riders Union said.

An unnamed French woman rolled a cyclist to the ground in a scene that grabbed a global headline, and fell when dozens more boarded him.

A few days later, the woman crouched down and turned to the opposite direction of the approaching cyclist, holding a cardboard sign at the TV camera.

The court will rule the case on December 9, and Romuald Palao, a lawyer representing the Professional Cyclists’ Association (CPA), who is a party to the case, will join reporters after a hearing in Brest, France. Told.

“What we want in this exam is to help prevent this from happening again. Cycling itself is dangerous enough and does not require any additional risk,” Palau said. .. “People on the side of the road must act responsibly.”

He said the rider’s union would not hesitate to file further proceedings if such an incident occurred again, and spectators taking selfies and posing photos and videos would be safe for cyclists. He added that he needed to be vigilant.

The prosecution said earlier that he was ashamed of what he had done and that it was a mistake to withhold registration and that he regrets it, according to Reuters.

She has been accused of injuring herself and endangering the lives of others.

Defendant’s lawyer refused to comment on the trial.

The Tour de France withdrew its proceedings in July, saying race safety was important, but the case was disproportionately blown away after causing media enthusiasm.

The Tour de France organizer announced the 2022 route of the race on Thursday.

Stephen Mae and Ingrid Melander