Far Right Group Bases and Hezbollah Added to Australian Terrorists


The neo-Nazi group, called the base, is listed as an Australian terrorist organization alongside the entire Hezbollah party of Islam.

Hezbollah’s external security department has been listed as a terrorist organization since 2003.

Now the government extends that classification to the entire group.

Interior Minister Karen Andrews accused the base on Wednesday as a “violent and racist neo-Nazi group” already listed as a terrorist organization by the Canadian and British governments.

“Listing these organizations sends a very strong message that Australia condemns the use of terrorism to achieve political, idealistic or religious objectives,” she told Canberra reporters. rice field.

“We cannot be satisfied. We know that there is a terrorist threat here in Australia and there is a terrorist threat all over the world.”

Epoch Times Photo
Australian Interior Minister Karen Andrews will speak at a press conference at the Parliament Building in Canberra, Australia, on August 23, 2021. (RohanThomson / Getty Images)

Hezbollah and the list of bases make it a criminal offense to be a member of either organization.

Despite the list of two groups, the threat level of terrorism in Australia remains “likely”.

However, the minister said that if the borders were fully reopened, the chances of a terrorist attack would increase.

Andrews said both organizations were listed, following advice from Australian security agencies.

“We know that there are individuals who are actively monitoring what is happening in Australia. We know that there is a threat to Australia,” she says. I did.

“There are people here who have the intent and ability to harm us.”

The minister said he was open to listing more groups as terrorist organizations, including right-wing extremist groups.

Andrews wrote to state and territory counterparts on this issue, stating that he aims to complete the list as soon as possible.

There are 26 organizations officially listed as terrorist groups.