Far-right ‘Mama Bear’ accused of barbaric conspiracy against Old Pal


Polk County Jail

Polk County Jail

The Iowa mom known for her vocal stance to mostly disagree Mandatory mask policy The recently publicly outspoken drag performer was arrested Friday after she allegedly falsely reported sexual abuse within the family of a former business partner.

In the process, remnants of a once-formidable alliance between the women who pioneered far-right activism have been ablaze.

Kimberly LikesThe 39-year-old founder of the controversial activist group Iowa Mama Bears.

According to a criminal complaint obtained by The Daily Beast, in those calls, Reicks falsely claimed that Peterson’s husband had smashed his daughter’s phone, and that Peterson’s teenage son had sexually abused his brother. claimed to have been According to the complaint, Reikes “claimed to be a neighbor” of her who was informed of the sexual abuse allegations by her own son in her final phone call on August 9. family.

In reality, prosecutors say Reicks doesn’t have a son by the name he told DHS and “lives on the other side of town” as part of his former partner’s family.

“Their children have not been in contact for several months at this time,” the complaint states.

Prosecutors say the call came shortly after Peterson texted Reikes’ husband “about the key to the lockbox.” This led to Reicks allegedly texting her partner at her former business, accusing her of having an affair with her husband.

The criminal complaint says that another anonymous call was made to DHS “immediately after” Peterson “ended the business relationship” with Reikes in May, “very upset her.”

The shocking allegations against Reikes come more than a year after she and Peterson made a name for themselves in the far-right community for their outspoken activism against mask mandates in schools.iowa mama bears,” two Attend the April 2021 Health and Freedom Conferencethe event Featured Prominent QAnon Advocate Mike Flynn, according to Politifact. (Reicks denied being a supporter of his QAnon.) During the meeting, Reicks held up a sign with a picture of his daughter’s face and said, “My mask gave my face a staphylococcal infection.” Triggered 4 times My body… my choice Unmask Iowa.

One month later, Mama Bears Invited by Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds as he signs a bill banning ordering masks in schools.

Prison records show that Reikes was detained in Polk County Jail shortly after 3 a.m. Friday on two false reports of child abuse, one false report of an indictable offense to a public agency, and four counts of harassment. rice field. The criminal complaint also mentions that the Peterson family has sought a no-contact order against Reikes, noting that they often attend the same events.

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Lykes did not immediately respond to a request for comment, and the Polk County Clerk told the Daily Beast that she was “given a public defender, but no specific counsel has been appointed.”

The Petersons could not be reached immediately for comment.

It wasn’t entirely clear what caused Peterson and Reikes to cut ties, but by Friday, the Iowa Mama Bears website appeared to feature only the latter Mama Bear. Reikes, who calls himself an “accidental activist,” said on the site that he “got caught in the fight for children’s rights” after the COVID pandemic spread across the country and schools began closing. I’m here.

Since then, Reicks has stepped into school controversies ranging from COVID vaccinations to LGTBQ content. Earlier this month, she attended a meeting of the Ankeny Board of Education in an after-school drag outfit that she claimed was similar to what her performers wear. The stunt echoed the far-right panic that her non-existent LGTBQ threats weren’t being given to children, bolstered by governors like Ron DeSantis, and what she tried to argue was not for children. It was a protest against inappropriate display.

In an impassioned speech, Reikes apologized for the May performance hosted by Ankeny High School’s Gay Straight Alliance and called for a resolution to “ensure that this does not happen again on school grounds.”

“How do we entrust you, a board member, to do what is right for us parents and make sure our children understand what is right?” added Reicks. rice field Des Moines Register.

But Reikes took shocking and illegal retaliation against a former friend, according to the Polk County Attorney’s Office. It claims the phone started in May 2022.

Peterson later told authorities that, in fact, she spoke to Reikes about an incident involving a broken phone in February. He was trying to harass the Peterson family.”

The complaint notes that a second call, made three months later, was also “deemed false.” DHS provided the number and recording of the call to authorities, who later concluded that Reikes made both reports.

Reicks, who initially denied calling DHS last month, allegedly “confirmed after being presented with evidence.”

See The Daily Beast for more information.

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