Farrah Abraham faints in a white bikini during Tulum vacation


Farrah Abraham I was stunned during her recent vacation in Mexico.

30 years old Reality TV star Spent time sunbathing in Tulum. The “Teen Mom” ​​star is posing in a white bikini and a pure white cover-up of a yacht photo.

Abraham also spent time in a black outfit. She was all smiling because she was taking selfies all the time on vacation.

Abraham’s vacation in Tulum followed the accusation of a reality show star that Chrissy Teigen had bullied her in the past.

Farrah Abraham calls for Chrissy Teigen’s lack of personal apology “hypocrisy”: “I don’t tolerate it”

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Teigen called Abraham “w — e” on Twitter in 2013.

Tweets from Teigen Re-shared by Candace Owens “Fara Abraham now thinks she’s pregnant from her sex tape. In other news you are w — e and everyone hates you. Other news I’m sorry.”

“It’s really just a pathetic statement after someone has been publicly treated for sexual shame and overcame my own depression, bereavement, and vulnerabilities at that time,” Abraham said. Told Fox News About the situation of Teigen. “I don’t even say what she says”

According to Abraham, Teigen has never personally apologized to a reality star who starred with “Teen Mom” ​​on MTV’s “16 and Pregnant.” Teigen had previously claimed that he would contact all those who were bullied online.

Reality Stars Opened About Teigen’s Lack of Apology During E Episode! News'”Just a bite“Podcast.

“I haven’t been apologized yet,” she said. “I noticed her habitual behavior of not continuing what she said, saying things, shutting up, blocking things. Again, it’s hypocrisy, and I’m it. Is not tolerated. “