Fashion mogul Peter Nygård stipulates bail hearing in Quebec sex crime case


Canadian fashion mogul Peter Nygård has waived his right to a bail hearing in Quebec, where he is charged with two sexual charges.

Defendant lawyer Lawrence Juyer told a court in Quebec that he had chosen to waive his right to bail because he was currently detained in a prison in Toronto and had been ordered to detain him in Manitova. rice field.

Nigard, who attended a short-term court hearing over the phone, is guilty of sexual assault and imprisonment in Quebec.

Prosecutor Jerome Lafram said the crown was ready to set a trial date at Nigard’s next Montreal Courthouse scheduled for September 8.

Nigard faces six sexual assaults and three detentions in Toronto in connection with an incident dating back to the late 1980s and mid-2000s.

US officials have demanded that he be handed over to face the charges of sex trafficking and swaying in the country.

Canadian press