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50 million people allowed at the Superspreading Festival to help Modi secure Hindu votes

Danish Siddiqui / Reuters In a clear effort to secure a vote for his party in India’s next state election, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has at least 50 million for a holy swim at an unprecedented religious festival. Allowed Hindus to go to the Ganges River COVID-19 Superspreader Event. The Kumbh Mela, or Pitcher Festival, is a huge Hindu gathering held every 12 years along one of the four riverbank pilgrimage sites, where millions of people bathe in the Ganges, also known as the Ganges. doing. To wash away their past sins and achieve salvation from the cycle of life and death. The one-month festival has been associated with at least 2,000 coronavirus infections so far. The celebration carries marigold flower-covered asceticists and Trident, a key symbol of Hinduism, to guide hordes of ashes-covered believers to the riverbanks. Packed together, festival participants sing, dance and hug each other after soaking in the water. Despite the obvious public health hazards, Modi allowed the festival to continue uninterrupted. The prime minister appeared to be more interested in improving the party’s election odds and even promoted his own potential superspreading event. By April, as five Indian states headed for voting, his de facto adjutant, the Indian Interior Minister, spoke to thousands of people at election rallies and major epic roadshows from one location. I’m jumping to another place. , The patient is lying outside the hospital, out of breath and out of breath before dying unattended. This month, India’s largest crematorium ran out of firewood due to lack of land space in the cemetery. On Wednesday alone, 200,000 Indians tested positive for the coronavirus. In addition to this, India, which has long been celebrated as the “pharmacy of the world,” lacks vaccines for its own people. Several states have complained of inventory shortages, and the country’s top vaccine makers, Covishield and Covaxin, have blamed resource shortages. Experts fear that the current infection rate caused by the festival is just the tip of the iceberg. After the festival is over, millions of people return to different parts of the country, where they are at risk of infecting others. 1232270216 Dr. SK Jha, Chief Medical Officer of Haridwar, one of the riverbank sites of the XAVIER GALIANA Festival, told The Daily Beast: .. The government had previously promised to screen several layers to control the spread as ash-covered acetics hijacked the town, but health officials eventually withdrew the COVID-19 test. The crew was afraid of situations like Stampede. Two months ago, Modi declared an early pandemic victory. “At the beginning of this pandemic, the whole world was worried about the situation in India,” Modi said in an exciting virtual speech. “But today, the Indian Ocean in World War [coronavirus] It’s obviously no longer the case. Last month, the newly detected variant was severely downplayed by the government. As the number of incidents began to increase again, the government refused to attend the Khumbu Festival because it secured a Hindu voting bank for fear of opposition from religious leaders in a Hindu-dominated country. Religious fanaticism and Islamophobia. Last year, the Indian Muslim community was blamed after 4,300 positive incidents associated with religious rallies. Members of the community were imprisoned, tried in court, and exposed to slander campaigns carried out by the parent government’s national media. Critics are ignorant of Hindu festivals, comparing media coverage of Muslim events with the Kumbu festival and accusing the government of explicit double standards and intentional ones. In response to criticism, the prime minister of Uttarakhand, the host state of the festival, said: [Markaz attendees] It’s all inside the building, here in the open air near the Ganges. The flow and blessings of the Ganges River (Mother Ganges River) keep the coronavirus from spreading. The question does not arise from the comparison … The believers attending Khumbu are our own people, not from the outside. 1231641382 PRAKASH SINGH The current pandemic crisis focuses on dealing with the celebrations of the Khumbu Festival, but Modi’s plans and policy implementations were previously faced. Last year, when about 525 incidents occurred in India, Modi announced a sudden complete blockade overnight. The unplanned blockade caused the outflow of millions of workers working in the big cities, walked back to their rural homes and spread the virus, but the virus was confined to the city, but nevertheless. Modi succeeded in defending and selling the game of optics his failure as an essential step and success for voters. Modi’s party has relied on his public message to appeal to voters. This is a tactic that focuses on pulling political legs and showing off “massive” rallies, most of which are obscured by him. He is unwavering at the celebrations of the crowds that flock to him and does not dare to offend him by asking voters to take safety precautions. And maintain that religious sentiment. Meanwhile, deaths continue to skyrocket as India’s historic health crisis goes out of control. Find out more at The Daily Beast. Get top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now! DailyBeast Membership: Beast Inside digs deeper into the stories that matter to you. learn more.