Father and son missing in floods in northern Albania

Floods surround the Reed Mosque after heavy rains in Shkodra, Albania, November 21, 2022. (Florion Goga/Reuters)

TIRANA—A father and son went missing in Albania on Sunday. Emergency services were evacuated after heavy rains endangered emergency services after flooding in northern Albania washed cars into rivers.

A girl who was in a car that was caught in a swollen river managed to escape.

“The girl’s father and brother were swept away by a current of water and police are working to find the missing man,” Albanian police said on their Facebook page, as rescuers tried to pull the car out of the water. I showed you how it was.

Several schools were closed in the affected areas, and Albanian emergency services began evacuating people near the town of Shkoder as a result of the risk of flooding.

State-owned power company KESH has had to drain more water to keep two dams safe, even though they were operating at full capacity, as the rains of the past 24 hours have filled up reservoirs. said.

Neighboring Kosovo was also flooded, but there were only reports of damage and no loss of life.