Father and Son Summit Everest Mountain, 18-year-old son is the youngest Hong Konger to do so

Hong Kong mountaineer Tsang Chi-shing (John) and his son Tsang Long-kit (Bob) climbed Mount Everest at a height of 8,849 meters (29,032.15 feet) and were the first father-son pair from Hong Kong. The highest peak in the world. This is John’s fourth climb to Everest, and 18-year-old Bob set a record as the youngest Hong Konger to climb the famous mountain. They told the Epoch Times that climbing Everest together was a rare experience, hoping that the constant spirit needed to climb the mountain would inspire those around them.

The father and son left Hong Kong on March 8 and went to Nepal for two months of adaptive training. They departed from Everest Base Camp on May 8, arrived at Camp 4 on May 11, and headed for the summit early in the morning on May 12. They peaked at 9:35 am local time. They became the first Hong Kong father-son pair to climb the highest peak in the world. Bob also broke the previous record held by 19-year-old Chankahei (Benjamin) and became the youngest Hong Konger to reach the summit.

Before climbing the mountain, John said in an interview with The Epoch Times that the pressure he faced as a leader was different, whether or not he set a new record. I want to make memories that I will never forget, but I don’t think that all families and parents can climb to the highest peak in the world with their children. Before his son goes to college, he wants to take on a dream challenge. “

When talking about the importance of this mountaineering experience, Bob wanted this challenging expedition to be able to inspire the people around him. level. This inspires not only myself but also the people around me. “

Bob excels in research

Bob climbed four of the highest peaks on the seven continents. He has been climbing mountains with his father since he was five years old. At the age of six, he and his father climbed Mt. Fuji in Japan for the first time and became an avid mountaineer. At the age of 13, he climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro (5,895 meters or 19,340.55 feet), the highest mountain in Tanzania. At the age of 16, he climbed Aconcagua, Argentina, reaching a height of 6,961 meters (22,837.93 feet) and set a record as the youngest Hong Konger to climb the highest peaks in South America.

For Bob, mountaineering is just a hobby. He has never neglected his studies and dreams of his future career in the film industry. Last year, he scored 44 points on the International Baccalaureate (IB) exam, just one point away from the perfect score.

When he has trouble with his daily life or studying, he always thinks about the spirit of not giving up on climbing the mountain. “If I fail the exam, my first thought is not to give up. If I give up, my efforts will be wasted. It’s better to continue to improve myself through this experience.” He also encourages everyone to have the courage to challenge themselves, not to give up when work is initially difficult.

John: The experience of mountaineering is like “cultivation”

John is a mountaineering expert in Hong Kong and has extensive mountaineering experience. He climbed Cho Oyu for the first time in the Himalayas in 2007 and reached the summit of Mount Everest in 2009, 2013, 2018 and 2022. He is also the Hong Konger who climbed the most mountains. In addition, he reached the summit of Manaslu in the Himalayas in 2010. He completed the highest climbs on seven continents in 2012. And in 2019, he climbed Mount Rotes, Nepal, the fourth highest peak in the world.

Regarding his ability to conquer peaks one by one, John said it wasn’t because he was so strong, but because God gave him the opportunity to climb mountains. What he enjoys more is his life experience gained from his expedition, and he shares his experience and encourages those around him to think positively.

John wrote a book about climbing entitled “Learn to be a man in mountaineering”, where he shares some of his experience. He describes mountaineering as “cultivation.” “You don’t have to reach the summit when you climb. Accumulating more experience and growth is a journey of life,” he said.

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