Father talks about a ride accident in an amusement park in Iowa that killed his son

Altoona, Iowa (AP) —Father of an 11-year-old boy. Popular boat ride accident At an amusement park in Iowa, his son and other family members said he was trapped in a vehicle’s seat belt when the boat carrying them turned over.

To Interview broadcast on Tuesday At ABC’s “Good Morning America,” David Jaramiro talked about what happened when the boat capsized on the Raging River at Adventureland Park in Altoona on Saturday night.

“When we turned over, we were all trapped in safety seat belts. We can see the silhouettes of the sons trying to grab each other. Grab us. They help us help them. I want. I couldn’t. “

Altoona police said on Monday that Michael Jaramiro was injured and died on Sunday, leaving another minor hospitalized in a serious condition. The other two riders were slightly injured.

“I feel like Adventureland robbed my baby,” said Michael’s mother, Sabrina Jaramiro. “I never have the opportunity to see him grow.”

Six people were on board, officials said. The morning news program reported that everyone was a family member and Michael’s brother was hospitalized in crisis.

The cause of the accident (the second fatal accident for the first time in 5 years) is under investigation. Vehicles use conveyor belts to move large circular rafts through rapids. After the boat capsized, emergency response personnel and witnesses helped release the rider.

Adventureland said the ride has been closed since the accident and the family-owned park is working with investigators. Guy Cook, a lawyer who represents Adventureland in the case of a personal injury and assists in the park’s response, said the investigation was comprehensive.

“Safety is Adventureland’s top priority,” Cook wrote in a text message. “Raging River Ride has been in operation for nearly 40 years. It’s a safe ride.”

According to Adventureland, the ride began for the first time in the 2021 season after a state inspection on Friday revealed it to be functioning properly.

Altoona is a city of 20,000 people just east of Des Moines. The park, where you can see the roller coaster from Interstate Highway 80, is expected to attract about 600,000 visitors this year.

The Raging River has been a staple of the park since the Gob in 1983. Terry Branstad took one of the first vehicles. Adventureland advertises the vehicle as “a great way to cool off with the whole family.” Warning participants can get soaked.

In June 2016, a seasonal employee, Steve Booher, 68, and another worker helping riders get on and off the boat cramped when the vehicle began to move unexpectedly. .. Bucher fell onto a conveyor belt about three feet (1 meter) below, sandwiched between the boat and the concrete side wall, and repeatedly thrust his head until the vehicle operator shut down.

Bucher died a few days later. Autopsy revealed that the cause of death was trauma to the skull and brain.

The park insurance company also settled in December last year Tort death proceedings Bucher’s 47-year-old wife and her adult children brought it for a private amount. The proceedings alleged that the ride operator was negligent, even though he started the ride prematurely in violation of park rules, Bucher was injured and went down, and patrons shouted to him to stop. Insisted.

Cook said there was nothing in common between the two accidents, but he could not comment on Saturday’s accident until the investigation was completed.

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