Fauci says he is an “example” of COVID-19 vaccination


Washington (AP) — Dr. Anthony Fauci, a leading infectious disease expert in the United States, says his COVID-19 recovery is a national “example” of the protection provided by vaccines and boosters.

At a White House briefing, Fauci, 81, said he began experiencing viral symptoms on June 14, and was tested positive one day later. He was prescribed the antiviral drug Paxlobid on June 15. This has proven to be very effective in preventing serious illness and death from COVID-19.

“I’m still really very, as the government emphasized the protection provided by the vaccine to people of all ages after the United States became the first country in the world to extend vaccine eligibility to children up to 6 years old. I’m fine, “Forch said Thursday for a few months.

“I think, given my age, I think it’s an example of what we’re all talking about today. I’m vaccinated. I’m double-boosted. If not, I’m I believe. For now, I think it’s very unlikely that you’re talking to you who look like me, so so does Fauci. “