FBI agents attack Detroit City Hall and councilor’s house

NSBI agents raided Detroit City Hall on Wednesday as part of an expanding public corruption investigation.

The homes of city councilors Janny Ayers and Scott Benson, and the living spaces of their chief of staff and other employees, are also investigating evidence related to city towing activities and accusations that city authorities are bribeing. Was targeted as part of the source, sources said NS Detroit Times..

The attack took place about three weeks after Councilor Andre Spivey was charged with a conspiracy to bribe in federal court.Spivey and staff accused of accepting Over $ 35,000 for bribe payments From 2016 to 2020, Spivey was released in a $ 10,000 bond.He kept him Did nothing wrong..

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“Why are we doing this? Why are we doing these search warrants? Detroit citizens have the right to a corrupt city government,” FBI Detroit said. Special agent Tim Waters said Wednesday.

Officials said no new criminal charges were filed on Wednesday.

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Ayers and Benson, who are running for reelection, did not immediately comment on the attack.

As General Councilor on November 2, Ayers is working on a second four-year term. selection, While Benson is working towards Phase 3 in Northeastern District 3 Detroit..

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Original location: FBI agents attack Detroit City Hall and councilor’s house

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