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Shock jock text that can be important with Matt Gaetz probes

Photo Illustrated by Elizabeth Blockway / The Daily Beast / Getty / Facebook The text message between Congressman Matt Gaetz’s Wingman and former Florida shock jock is that people with important information about underage sexling It reveals how it was scrambled when the Federal Reserve was closed. Gates Associate Joel Greenberg was already investigating when he personally interacted with former sports radio co-host “Big Joe” Jericot. In that exchange, done via the encrypted messaging app Signal and acquired by The Daily Beast, Elicot faces legal dangers when others in a group of friends have sex with a 17-year-old girl. Expressed fear of doing. A woman who stands out in Greenberg’s Venmo transaction said, “I knew. [the minor] Much underage, had sex with her, and they both went [to] Elicot, a friend of Gates and Venmo and a large number of women in sex rings, used the former nickname to say, “For the other men she brought ___, it could be trafficking. There is. ” Teenage years. The Daily Beast has independently identified the young woman, but withheld her name. The signal message was set to disappear after 30 seconds, but Greenberg took a screenshot of the message because he lost communication with Roger Stone. On Thursday, Politico reported that Elicot was mentioned in a December 2020 grand jury subpoena issued to another person in connection with an ongoing sexual trafficking investigation. The subpoena also included Gates, Greenberg, and Halsey Beshares, a former Florida State congressman who served Gates while attending Florida State University, according to the report. For seven weeks, The Daily Beast did not respond to a detailed list of questions he sent to him on Thursday morning. On Friday, CNN released a report on how Gates’ former girlfriend is currently working with authorities. That could be disastrous for Gates, as she had a relationship with a Florida legislator during the same 2017 when the 17-year-old kid in question met Greenberg, according to CNN. ex received at least 17 payments from Greenberg in 2017, for a total of about $ 6,500. As Politico reported, federal agents seized her cell phone sometime in the New Year. On Monday, Greenberg pleaded guilty to six felony charges, including sexual trafficking of minors. His judicial deal, signed last week, could be a government witness to other targets in the ongoing investigation, including Gates, but could oppose Gates, including former girlfriend and Joe Elicott. There are other potential witnesses. Gates told Politico that he knew little about Elicot, but admitted that he was familiar with him. Still, according to a signal message exchanged with Greenberg, Jericot knew he was having sex with Greenberg, a 17-year-old man at the time. He was so familiar with the situation that he expressed concern that a particular woman would become a state witness. These text messages also support important details of the judicial transaction. After being arrested in June 2020, Greenberg attempted to communicate with minors via backchannel, according to a judicial transaction signed by Greenberg. The intermediary discussed what a federal agent had told former teenagers in an interview, and the subpoena states that the grand jury is investigating a possible obstruction of justice. In addition, Greenberg and Jericot considered a description of the payment flagged in the interview, including the $ 150 Venmo deal for “shoes.” The message is also in line with the important details of Greenberg’s late 2020 confession letter. Presidential amnesty months before Gates’ investigation was publicly reported. In the message, Elicot says that a young woman they both knew had sex with a minor at the time. Greenberg also made this claim in his confession, along with this claim to Gates: “This individual is sexual with some other girl, a member of Florida’s 1st Congress district, and me. He has been involved in the activity many times. ”However, Greenberg’s credibility could require federal prosecutors to need additional supporting witnesses, given that he is clearly a corrupt politician. Means that there is. That’s where the “Big Joe” Elicot can come in handy. Jericot and Greenberg have been intimate for years. Jericot was the groom’s attendant at the 2016 Greenberg wedding. They co-sponsored a sports talk radio show and frequently went fishing together in the ocean. In the year Greenberg took office, Jericot became his right-hand man as an “assistant tax collector” in Seminole County. Jericot piled up nearly $ 16,000 on taxpayer-funded American Express cards because they were later considered suspicious. According to Greenberg’s self-trading external audit conducted last year through a request for public records, an external court accountant was asked to wear a casual men XL shirt without the county logo for more than $ 1,000. Reported what Jericot spent. Justification as agency costs. They also asked more than $ 5,000 about hardware tools and knives that the Chief Financial Officer of the Tax Office suspected that Jericot had diverted for his own purposes. document. The store is a small store that was once a federal licensed firearms dealer called “Uncle Joe’s Coins, Brion & Collectibles” and once called “Uncle Joe’s Guns”. “Why do tax collectors need so many knives? Accountant Daniel J. O’Keefe, who conducted a county court audit, told The Daily Beast: He took it. I think, “said O’Keefe. “People must think we’re all stupid or something … they can escape and not get caught in this way.” Prosecutors have charged Jericot with a crime. No, but Greenberg’s plea bargaining states that the crimes committed with his American Express card are beneficial, because the card is a tool for interstate trade, federal accusations. Amy Tyler, then chief prosecutor of the tax authorities, claimed that Elicot was in his store while he was still at the tax office, about 30 minutes away by car. Jericot was supposed to work all day at the tax office, but regularly arrives around 10am, departs by 2pm and takes a lunch break at the store. “He went there every day. He didn’t come to work,” Tyler said. “Joe wasn’t involved in any kind of trouble with it. Joel was always protecting Joe no matter what. What Joe did wasn’t wrong. Limits. According to a lawyer’s letter to the tax authorities that The Daily Beast received at the request of public records, Elicot was also accused of repeatedly sexually harassing female employees. Jericot said he continued to act despite repeated warnings as his best friend remained the head of the agency. Records show that the county eventually gave the young woman a $ 40,000 settlement. Orlando Sentinel first reported on the settlement last year. Tyler also said that tax officials (a friend of Greenberg) hunted down a young woman who had been settled in the office and harassed her until she shed tears. She said she had grilled. She said she was doing something wrong and blamed her for it, “Tyler told The Daily Beast. “They said,’Hmm, smirk.'” When the tax authorities bought a new $ 49,000 black Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck in 2017, he saw him using it extensively. According to four, it soon became a personal vehicle for the Elicot. According to the tax office, the rules restricted its use to office-to-office travel for public government projects, but truck odometers show that Jericot has driven 77,000 miles in the three years he had it. I did. When Greenberg was arrested last year and lost his reelection, a temporary entry expelled many Greenberg employers, including Elicot, from the tax office. Gates told Politico that he didn’t spend much time with Elicot during his frequent trips to the Orlando region. — Allegedly accompanied many young women, including Gates and former minors, on their 2018 trip to the Bahamas. The Justice Department reportedly focused on the trip in a corruption investigation involving members of the House of Representatives. Beshears resigned from his management position in late January for personal health reasons. A girlfriend working with the authorities. Find out more at The Daily Beast. Get top news in your inbox every day. Sign up now! DailyBeast Membership: Beast Inside digs deeper into the stories that matter to you. learn more.

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