Fearless lawyer fights for Christians in Nigerian court


Jos, Nigeria — For Christians who are confused in the plateaus of Nigeria, the best hope for many is a civil rights lawyer with the knack for deceiving death.

Barrister Gyang Zi, 43, is no stranger to the dispute in court and the dangers in the northern Nigerian city of Jos.

Panmac Rhea, leader of the Nigerian Christian Lawyers’ Federation (CLASFON) in Plateau, said lawyers with an annual income of less than $ 5,000 use their personal funds to fight victims of violations in 254 Plateaus. He said he was one of the lawyers.

“The case extends to cases of religious freedom for persecuted converts. Molester and government recklessness. Appeals against unjust or twisted judgments or trials, widow, orphans, poor people Intervene in prisoners without legal representatives, domestic refugees, and victims of unjust and religious violence, “said Lele.

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Barister Panmac Rhea, leader of a plateau Christian lawyer in Jos, Nigeria. (Kim Daiki Epoch Times)

According to his partner Solomon Daryeop, Ji won a proceeding of more than 500 victims of violations against the Nigerian army, which is largely dominated by Islam. “The latest was a proceeding between the Army and 28 villagers arrested for the disappearance of the Army General in September 2018,” said Dalyop.

“There was an attack [Sept. 11] In 2018, 13 people were killed on the spot and 3 died in a hospital in the village of Lopandatte, a Christian community on the outskirts of Joss.the next day [Major] Universal [Idris] Alkali was reported missing, and out of nowhere a group of people said it was the people of the community who killed the general.

“The Army headquarters was completely relocated to the village. People were randomly arrested from the streets, from homes and businesses. Even journalists were arrested. There were more than 60. [detainees].. Many had to flee their homes, but Zi challenged Army authorities. He brought some of us and we continued to write to the general who commanded the 3rd Division of the Nigerian Army. [in Jos] The place where they were detained.

“Later, about 40 were released, 28 were indicted by the State High Court, and we supported them. The case is still underway, but by God’s grace, before him. [Zi] We handed the defense to the Nigerian Federation of Christian Lawyers (CLASFON), filed several bail applications, and as of February this year, all were released, “said Dalyop.

Zi recently hinted to a friend who plans to sue the local government for killing more than 70 people in the northern plateau under military surveillance. The July 31-August 2 attacks near the Nigerian Army’s 3rd Division headquarters were jointly carried out by soldiers and Fula terrorists.

“Someday I will give way and someday I will die, whether I like it or not. The only thing we speak for us when we leave this planet is our actions,” he said. Told

“By the grace of God, I am over 40. There is no reason to stop doing the right thing just because I am afraid of what will happen,” Zi said.

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Giyang Zi was confiscated by a kidnapper at this intersection near the government building in Jos, Nigeria. (Kim Daiki Epoch Times)

In less than a month, the lawyer went through a close encounter with death during his own kidnapping.

The last thing in his mind on July 15th, he says, was being kidnapped by a murderer when he approached a driveway in an urban neighborhood. But in an instant he came immediately.

It was 7 pm and Zi was driving home just off the Plateaux State Government Building. “I’ve heard a lot of kidnappings and prosecuted some, but I didn’t know what it was like to be in the hands of a gun-wielding terrorist in the middle,” Zi told The Epoch Times. rice field. “They were calling me by name,” Ji said.

“I immediately arrived at the junction right next to the fence of the government building. I saw two people with guns approaching, so I immediately put the car in reverse gear. Check the rear. As I was trying to see if there was clearance to accelerate, I saw two more people, so the car was in the middle. At that point I had to stop, so they told me to get out of the car. I ordered

“They knew me well, including my family and cars. In fact, they had my full profile. They said,” Barrister, we’re you You must cooperate with us because it was sent to eliminate. “

“I was still a little bold, so I asked who sent it. I said no one was okay, but I didn’t say anything. They dragged me to a nearby corn farm and started whistling. The others came out of the bush. We walked a little and the Golf 3 wagon came and they ordered me and blindfolded. We drove for a long time and after driving , I just noticed that I was in the middle of the bush.

“During that time, of the eight terrorists who picked me up, all had rifles. After driving into the bushes for about two hours, I trekked for quite some time. From about 9 pm to midnight. It was the longest walk of my life in such a place at night, then they planned to take me to some mountains and caves, where they would slaughter me and dispose of my body. did.”

Ji summoned all of his lawyer’s skills to defend the case in his life.

“I pleaded for helping those suffering from their tribe and religion. They confirmed it by calling an old Furani acquaintance with my phone contact. He told me Some even claimed on their behalf. They spoke on the phone in a dialect, and about 24 hours later, 15 million N ($ 72,810.78) was paid to kill me and repurchase my life by refunding that money. He said he had a chance. We continued to sue until we agreed to reduce the price to 8 million N ($ 19,436.86), “he said. Ji acknowledges his friendship with a Fula man for saving his life.

The trauma of being captured by a terrorist was trying to put a 43-year-old child into a hospital bed after he was released, but what was important to him during their detention was that he was still complete. He said it was just a non-human rights case.

“Every second I was with them, it was like a year. I was wondering what would happen. Even if I talked to my friends and said they wouldn’t hurt me, I might be trying to calm down and execute them unexpectedly. I was wondering if I could do anything while looking at my life in front of me. I was at the mercy of them.

“But while I was with them, all that came to my mind was what would happen to the incident and the oppressed people of God. I still keep raising people. I was convinced, but I was still a little worried that some things might be frustrated, “he said.

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