FEC seeks answers on Santos’ chaotic financial switch

NEW YORK (AP) — Rep. George Santos’ campaign committee faces fresh questions from federal regulators after filing documents listing a new treasurer who says he never held the job. I’m facing

Federal Election Commission sent a letter on thursday To Devolder Santos in the Congressional Campaign for Clarification on Switching. This is the latest scrutiny of a New York Congressman who has been found to have fabricated many elements of his life.

The letter said the first-year Republican campaign “could have failed to include true, accurate, or complete accounting information in documents Wednesday that listed Thomas Datwiler as the new accountant and recordkeeper. ” he said.

Five other political fundraising committees associated with Santos also received the same letter after submitting paperwork on Wednesday. List Datwyler as the new treasurer.

Campaigns and committees must respond by March 2nd. Otherwise, documents listing her Datwyler as a Treasurer will be placed in the “unconfirmed” section of her FEC’s website, and the Commission could face additional enforcement action.

The FEC letter said the Santos campaign could face criminal charges if found to have knowingly and willfully made “materially false, fictitious or fraudulent statements or representations” on paper. It is said that there is

A message was left with campaign lawyers requesting comment.

Congressman Devolder Santos said the new organization will list Datwiler as treasurer and recordkeeper, replacing Nancy Marks, who has held both positions since Santos first ran for Congress in 2020. A statement was filed on Wednesday.

This switch will be Santos Source of Wealth.

Datwyler, through his attorney, Derek Ross, said he declined the job, and that he had filed a campaign filing that included what he said was his electronic signature and his e-mail address and mailing address. He said he did not know that he would be listed as a person.

“On Monday, we informed the Santos campaign that Mr. Datwiler will no longer be our treasurer,” Datwiler’s attorney, Derek Ross, said in a statement. “There appears to be a disconnect between that conversation and a submission (Wednesday) that we have not approved.”

Under federal regulations, campaign committees cannot raise or spend funds without a treasurer. A treasurer collects all donations. Only the Treasurer or a person designated by the Treasurer may approve campaign costs.


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