Federal Dental Care Coverage May Cause Employers to Cancel Private Plans, Industry Warns

The new federal dental coverage could have the unintended consequence of Canadian employers canceling private health care plans, industry insiders warn.

Ondina Love, president of the Canadian Association of Dental Hygienists, told the Senate Finance Committee that employers risk canceling private health care plans.

“I think you either encourage employers to keep dental benefits or discourage them by imposing hefty fines and penalties from the government if they take them away,” she said. . black rock reporter.

A federal dental bill is pending Senate approval, and if approved, households with family incomes below $90,000 could receive up to $650 per child for trips to the dentist. .

Dr. Lynn Tomkins, president of the Canadian Dental Association, testified that two-thirds of Canadians already have some form of dental insurance.

“This is something we don’t want to be interrupted by the programs that are put in place if employers start canceling plans because we have new federal plans that are a potential concern,” she said. .

Quebec Senator Tony Lofreda asked the House of Representatives whether companies could make a business decision to stop insuring dental employees because the government is providing coverage. I asked.

“That’s one of the concerns,” Dr. Tomkins replied.

Some industry experts have welcomed the plan.

Professor Carlos QuiƱones, director of the Graduate School of Dentistry and Public Health at the University of Toronto, said: Said This program will help people who are currently “missing in our system”.

“Great news [for] Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people could benefit,” Quinones said.

Bill C-31, the Dental Care Cost of Living Act, passed its third reading on October 7.

The bill is a Trust and Supply Pact between the Liberal Party and the NDP, promoted as a remedy for the rising cost of living.

“intermediate benefit”

“This is a first step and an interim benefit,” Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos told the House of Commons Health Committee on Oct. 31.

The interim program allows the government to make payments directly to families, while the federal government remains committed to a separate federal dental insurance program that is estimated to be in place by 2025.

Canadian Health Authorities Said The Canadian Press on October 28th said it would have to hire an outside firm to process billing for the new permanent program.

Families will be directed to apply and provide proof through the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). The second is that they are paying out of pocket for dental care. Third, I made a dental appointment. Receipts should be saved in case the CRA later decides to conduct an audit.

This grant provides up to $650 for tax-free dental care for each child under the age of 12 for households under $70,000. Households with incomes between her $70,000 and her $90,000 receive less. The government estimates that 500,000 children will be eligible for dental subsidies, costing taxpayers $938 million annually.

Conservative MP and House of Commons leader Andrew Scheer told the House of Commons that the bailout would spur inflation.

“Don’t throw water on the oil fire. No more inflation spending to make matters worse,” he said on Oct. 27.

Marnie Cathcart


Marnie Cathcart is a reporter based in Edmonton.