Federal government restraint on discussions of online streaming bill accused of being Draconian by Tories

The federal government is reducing short discussions on the online streaming bill by MPs. The Tories have accused it of being a radical and disturbing move.

They say that curbing the Commission’s line-by-line bill scrutiny is a liberal attempt to rush through the Commons, leading to the creation of flawed legislation.

Bill C-11, known by Congress, will update Canada’s broadcast legislation to regulate streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, and TikTok.

The Liberal Party has given parliamentarians to scrutinize each clause in the Commission until midnight to submit an amendment to the bill, and until Tuesday.

John Natel, a Tory heritage critic, said the government’s move to limit scrutiny in the committee being discussed in the House of Representatives today is the “guillotine move on steroids.”

However, Liberal lawmaker Anthony Housefather said the government was forced to submit a motion due to the delayed tactics of the Tory committee trying to prevent the bill from being enacted. ..

Canadian press