Federal Government to Deploy Manpower, Testing Ability to Support Manitoba’s COVID-19 Surge

Ottawa Announcement In response to the Prime Minister’s call for federal assistance to deal with the state’s surge in COVID-19 cases and the flood of intensive care units, Manitoba will be sent a variety of assistance, including improving epidemiologists and testing capabilities.

“A key part of the fight against COVID-19 is the support we have provided to the states and territories,” Public Security Minister Bill Blair said in a statement Monday. “Today, federal departments and agencies are reunited to support fellow Manitoba citizens.”

Specifically, human resources from federal health, medical staff through the Canadian Red Cross, and support from the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) will be deployed in the state, Canada’s Public Safety Canada said in a news release Monday.

Prefecture Reportedly On May 21, when Prime Minister Brian Parister sought help from the federal government, 594 new cases of COVID-19 and three deaths were reported. The 5-day test positive rate was 14.1 percent in the state and 16.1 percent in Winnipeg.

According to Parister, the state requires up to 50 emergency nurses, 20 respiratory therapists, and up to 50 contact tracers from Statistics Canada (StatCan), and Public Safety Canada says StatCan. Is sure to provide the state with the necessary personnel.

“This is temporary and I hope it will be short-term, but the sooner you get a little backup help here, the better,” said the premiere at the time.

There are 74 patients suffering from or recovering from COVID-19, a disease caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, a spokesperson for Manitoba’s shared health. Told to CTV.. Eleven of the 74 are under the age of 40.

As of Monday, 14 Manitoba ICU patients infected with COVID-19 had been transferred to Ontario, CTV reported.

“Patients have been transferred to North Bay, London, Ottawa and Windsor. All facilities are participating in the Ontario Critical COVID-19 Command as an extension of the agreement with Ontario Health North,” said a spokesman. ..

The Public Health Agency of Canada also said, “To meet the needs identified by Manitoba, epidemiologists, public health abilities, inspection technicians, and inspection abilities from the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) and Health Canada (HC). He said he was ready to send “improvements”.

The CAF is currently supporting the deployment of vaccines in up to 23 reserve indigenous communities in Manitoba until the end of June, but Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan will work with the state government to contain the COVID-19 epidemic. He said he was ready.

Parister also contacted US President Joe Biden, Surplus dose Some of the COVID-19 vaccine has been shipped to Canada, but as of May 22, he has not yet received an answer, Canadian Press reports.

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