Federal government will help Canadians understand why emergency laws are needed, Trudeau said in survey


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the government would make sure Canadians understood that the emergency law was needed.

When asked by reporters on October 13 in Hamilton, Ontario, about the ongoing investigation that began this week, Prime Minister Trudeau said: “What is the situation we are facing and the tools we have used? We will make sure that Canadians understand what was appropriate for the

“We knew from the beginning that invoking the state of emergency law was a big step. It had never been done before. Given these unprecedented and illegal protests, We needed to act.

“We took it in a measured, responsible and timed manner.”

The liberal government invoked an emergency law on February 14, giving police the means to use extraordinary force to clear protesters from the Capitol in response to the Freedom Convoy protests in downtown Ottawa. I was. The government withdrew the law nine days later, on February 23.

As required by law, the federal government established a Public Order Emergency Commission (POEC) in April to review the circumstances leading up to the imposition of emergency measures and determine whether they were warranted. Trudeau appointed Ontario Court of Appeals Judge Paul S. Rouleaux as commissioner of his POEC.

Prime Minister Trudeau told reporters on October 13 that Canadians needed “transparency and accountability” from the federal government during public investigations.

“I think it’s important that Canadians understand the situation we’re in and the choices we’ve made,” he said. I didn’t end up using it.”

He added, “It was a necessary tool at the time.”

Prime Minister Trudeau and seven members of his Cabinet are scheduled to testify before the Commission at some point during a six-week hearing from October 13 to late November.

“I am really pleased that the Commission will be able to hear from all these witnesses,” he said.

peter wilson


Peter Wilson is a reporter based in Ontario, Canada.