Federal Judge Reminds Biden to Enforce Law

NS The judge thoroughly educated the Department of Homeland Security on its obligations under federal law.

Jeremy Beeman of the Washington Examiner report Judge Matthew Kaxmalic has ordered authorities to “enforce and implement the Trump-era immigration protocol in good faith.” [Administrative Procedures Act] And until the time when the federal government has sufficient detention capacity to detain all foreigners subject to detention. “

Kacsmaryk cannot force DHS to reimplement MPP, detail DHS’s obligation to detain all immigrants who “illegally enter the United States between places of entry if placed in expedited immigration procedures” under the Immigration and Nationality Act.

In theory, DHS can legally detain all illegal immigrants. However, Kacsmaryk states that if it is virtually impossible to do this, “the law implicitly requires, or at least directs, the DHS to use its authority to return certain aliens to Mexico. “.

Andrew R. Arthur as Resident Fellow of the Immigration Research Center Written on TuesdayThe Biden administration has three options when faced with illegal immigrants. They can be detained as required by law. Alternatively, you can send them to Mexico and wait for their dismissal hearing. “

Although it does not force the MPP to be re-implemented, Judge Kacsmaryk’s orders did not arrive any further.Anna Jaritelli of the Washington Examiner report Nearly 213,000 people encountered authorities at the southern border, the highest number in 21 years.

And as of earlier this week, more than 18,500 unaccompanied minors Is in Federal control waiting to be released.

Authorities can use the MPP if it is left in place, at least temporarily. And implementing policies will alleviate the problems posed by the recent surge in borders.The Trump administration has launched a policy of “staying in Mexico,” resulting in encounters between companions and unaccompanied minors. Significantly reduced, And family-based encounters.

But as Con Carroll explanation Last week, President Joe Biden finished MPP on the first day of his presidency. Instead of withdrawing this Trump-era border policy, Biden should humbly acknowledge his failure at the border and re-implement the Immigration Protocol.

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