Federal operations seize more than 42,800 illegal firearm silencers smuggled from China

According to a report released by the US Immigration and Customs Office (ICE), a federal operation called “Silent Night” seized 42,888 illegal firearm silencers smuggled from China to the United States.

Report (Pdf) As of March 2022, a total of 4,868 firearms had been confiscated and 204 criminals had been arrested. Operation Silent Night was launched in 2019 to keep dangerous weapon parts away from the streets.

“Operations are led by HSI [Homeland Security Investigations] National Targeting Center-For research and targeting manufacturers, supply chains, and end users of these illegal weapon components. “

Federal officials also closed a website selling illegal gun silencers and stopped production in collaboration with Chinese authorities, NBC News report, It cites federal law enforcement authorities.

Stacy Whitehead, an inspector at the U.S. Post Office, said shipments of illegal gun silencers from China continued, but the threat was heightened by delays in the supply of foreign silencers during the crackdown. rice field.

Whitehead further said authorities are looking for an unlicensed US manufacturer and a 3D-printed silencer to replace Chinese sellers threatened by federal operations.

A silencer is a tube that is attached to the barrel of a firearm and contains a baffle that can reduce the recoil of the weapon and calm the gunshot.

According to a 10-year survey published by the Western Criminology Review in 2007, silencers are rarely used in crime. Researchers estimated that 30-40 of the 75,000 federal criminal cases filed each year involved silencers. The study found only two federal cases, including silencers used in murders.

Reuters contributed to this report.

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