Feds cut funding for anti-racism projects.

Diversity Minister Ahmed Hussen said the government had cut funding for anti-racism projects.

Hussen said a project led by the Community Media Advocacy Center, which received $133,000 from the Heritage Department, has been put on hold.

The move follows Canadian Press’ coverage of a tweet sent by Rais Malouf, a senior consultant on the project to build an anti-racism strategy for Broadcast Canada.

Hussen described the tweet as “anti-Semitic” and asked the center to explain how they hired Malouf and how they plan to rectify the situation.

Malouf’s lawyer distinguishes between what he calls “Jewish white supremacists” and his client’s tweets about Jews in general, and Malouf harbors no animosity towards the Jewish faith as a group. said no.

The center’s project is funded by the Heritage Department’s Anti-Racism Action Program, and the Diversity Minister was quoted alongside Malouf in a news release about its launch last year.

A screenshot of one of Marouf’s tweets reads: When we liberate Palestine and they have to go back to where they came from, they will go back to their low voices. [expletive] of their (sic) Christian/secular white supremacist masters. ”

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