FEMA has opened COVID-19 vaccine sites in two counties in Kentucky. 607 new cases and 22 deaths.

Governor Andy Beshear urged further vaccination of Kentucky citizens, announcing 607 new cases of COVID-19 in Kentucky on Friday, increasing the total number of confirmed cases in the state to 440,149. ..

“Currently, less than 800,000 Kentucky citizens over the age of 16 [shot] To help us reach our goal and lift more restrictions, “he said in a written update, citing his goal of inoculating 2.5 million people before lifting the restrictions on coronaviruses on businesses. Did.

He announced that another 22 people had died from the virus. Seventeen of them were found through state audits to detect previously uncounted deaths from the coronavirus. The state has confirmed a total of 6,403 deaths from the virus.

The positive rate dropped slightly from Thursday to 3.26%. There were 420 hospitalized with COVID-19, of which 113 were hospitalized in the intensive care unit and 50 were ventilated.

Nearly 1.7 million people are receiving at least the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine. This is an increase of 11,788 on the final day. According to the Kentucky Public Health Service..

As the state becomes more and more hesitant about vaccines, Bescher goes to doses by storing more supply in local communities, rather than relying primarily on vaccination sites in larger areas of large towns and cities. We have been trying to enhance access. Earlier on Friday, Bescher and President Joe Biden announced a partnership between Kentucky and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Local vaccination site According to the White House, both Laurel and Henderson counties are at high risk of COVID-19 exposure.

The Laurel County Cooperative Extension Site on London’s 200 County Extension Road will open on Wednesday, April 28th. The Henderson site at 3341 Kentucky 351 (Zion Road) in Henderson will open on Thursday, April 29th. Each runs for 6 weeks. , And both sites are capable of giving up to 7,000 doses per week. These doses are added to the weekly allocations assigned to Kentucky by the federal government.

Both sites serve walk-up visitors.