Female flight attendant applicants had to undress so recruiters could check for scars, bruises or tattoos, the report says.

Kuwait Airways flight arrives in London

According to El Diario newspaper, male candidates were told that the airline only hired men from Kuwait.Robert Smith/Getty Images

  • Kuwait Airways applicants were ordered to remove their underwear at recruitment events.

  • Recruiters rejected women with glasses, moles or visible scars, reported El Diario in Spain.

  • Spain’s Ministry of Labor is investigating recruitment agency Mecti following El Diario’s report.

A Spanish newspaper said women hoping to become Kuwait Airways flight attendants were told to remove their underwear so recruiters could inspect their bodies.

Mariana, 23, told El Diario she was asked to remove her bra, skirt and pantyhose while a female recruiter wrote her comments in a notebook.

The incident took place in a hotel in Madrid, Spain in November. Mecti, It claims to be the world’s largest flight attendant recruitment agency.

Three sources told El Diario that the interview process was uncomfortable from the start.

Recruiters turned down women with glasses, braces, visible scars or moles, and those they judged to be overweight on initial screening, sources said.

Some were asked if they were willing to lose weight, while others were asked if they “wanted to eat more.”

According to Mariana, one candidate was rejected after the recruiter said, “I didn’t like her skin or her smile.”

Mariana told El Diario that only three of the approximately 60 people who attended the event were men.

Shortlisted candidates were later ordered to enter a room individually, where a female recruiter asked them to undress.

Bianca, a 23-year-old flight attendant from Romania, told El Diario:

She told other candidates that she had been ordered to remove her underwear. Bianca told El Diario.

When Bianca entered the room, the female recruiter asked her to pull up her dress. Standing there in just a bra. ”

The recruiter told Bianca that they were checking for “scars, bruises and tattoos.”

Maria, a 19-year-old student studying, says:

Maria told El Diario that the recruiter “looked at me from top to bottom” and “bent down and looked at me from my ankles.”

Mectiz advertise The recruitment event stated that candidates must be at least 5 feet 2 inches (“weight-to-height ratio”) and must have an “excellent presentation overall.”

The Spanish Ministry of Labor has launched an investigation into Mecti’s recruitment process. Labor Minister Joaquín Pérez Rey described the recruiters’ alleged conduct as “an intolerable act that violates the dignity and fundamental rights of these women”.

Kuwait Airways and Mecti did not immediately respond to requests for comment from insiders.

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