Female loses $ 300,000 worth of Bitcoin to a person disguised as a Chinese architect with a dating app hinge

The woman lost most of her savings after being scammed by a man she met on a dating platform hinge.

Tho Vu, 33, thought he found romance on the platform when he met a man who claimed to be a Chinese architect living in Maryland. New York Times..

For months, Vu regularly contacted a man passing by Ze Zhao. He has not been confirmed by name.

He flirt and gained her trust by calling her a “little lover” and promising to take her to China to meet her family someday. Vu reportedly fell in love with Ze when she offered her the opportunity to make money by investing in her cryptocurrency.

Ze’s proposal sounded appealing to Vu. Vu said he was hearing about the Bitcoin and crypto industry at that time.

The man convinced her that he could use his investment returns on his honeymoon to help him start a new life together.

In a few weeks, she sent $ 300,000 worth of Bitcoin to her wallet address. The man told her she was connected to the Cryptocurrency Exchange (OSL) in Hong Kong.

Vu said he could see the balance of Bitcoin savings and found nothing suspicious. The wallet turned out to be owned by Ze. Ze soon disappeared.

“I thought I knew him,” Vu said. “Everything was a lie.”

The percentage of romance scams, including forging romantic interests to suck money from victims, increased significantly during the pandemic. Federal Trade Commission.. Approximately 56,000 romance scams were reported to agencies last year, resulting in a staggering $ 139 million in casualties.

according to Federal Bureau of Investigation Oregon OfficeIn the first seven months of 2021, over 1,800 people lost about $ 133 million in online dating scams.

The FBI urged the public to avoid sharing personal and financial information online with anyone and to make appropriate decisions when investment opportunities are offered.

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