Female victims escape Missouri homes after being captured, assaulted and tortured

A female victim fled, was tortured, and assaulted after being detained for two days at a house on Lake Arrowhead, a private land south of Lathrop, Missouri. Clinton County Sheriff’s Office said on Facebook..

Victims whose age was not disclosed were taken to a hospital where she was reported to be in crisis.

Deputy Sheriff and Missouri Highweight Loopers arrived at Lake Arrowhead’s Southeast Apache Drive home around 9:30 am on Saturday after reporting that the victim had fled and was detained against her will. Responded.

“While this woman was detained against her will, she was found to have been severely assaulted and tortured for two days.” Sheriff Larry Fish said on Facebook.

Initially, the people in the house didn’t answer the door. The negotiator sent one resident, but another resident was said to have stayed inside, armed and committed suicide.

The Tri-County SWAT team responded to the area and surrounded the house. After five hours of standoffs, police dogs and tactical officers entered the house and found the suspect hiding in a fake wall. They detained him and he was detained in a Clinton County prison on a warrant of unrelated probation violations.

When the investigation is complete, the case will be transferred to the Clinton County Prosecutor’s Office, Fish said.

Lake Arrowhead is about 8km south of Laslop, Missouri.