feminism was never equal


It was once said that feminism was about equality and about creating a level playing field where women could take their rightful place in the world.

After reading Jermaine Greer’s “The Female Eunuch,” I ironically took a college vacation job as a Hertz rental car girl while flirting with American tourists in bright yellow miniskirts. rice field.

But then the current male-bashing culture took hold, with men becoming punching bags and women shamelessly promoted, childized and idealized.

Feminism has derailed, I concluded.

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Protesters attend the Women’s 4th of March Justice rally in Canberra, Australia, 15 March 2021. (Jamila Toderas/Getty Images)

It turned out to be wrong. The truth about feminist history is now being revealed by the formidable Janice Fiamengo with a video based on a powerful academic body that shows feminism is never equal.

Fiamengo’s delving into feminist history has infuriated the usually cold and cautious scholars.

With a passionate serve, Fiamengo recently video In an interview, she said, “Feminism has never been insane. It has never been free of deep resentment and bitterness towards men, never freed from the claim that women are absolute victims of male deprivation, and has never been able to protect families.” Not indifferent to destroying, not accurate in its claims about the social status of women – hatred, blaming movements.

Strong words from the humble former English professor at the University of Ottawa, a solid scholar with numerous books and journal articles to her name.

Fiamengo’s feminist education began when she found herself on the university’s promotion committee and witnessed increasing discrimination against male academics. She took her courage and began to publicize her prejudice against men, garnering outrage from her student audience.

Uncovering the True Origins of Feminism

Last year, she launched a new video series,Fiamengo File 2.0traces the history of feminism from its origins in the late 18th century to the present day, revealing how feminists have effectively whitewashed early history, exaggerated achievements, and demonized men.

In exciting news, Jordan Peterson has asked Fiamengo to teach a course on the true history of feminism on his new online education platform, the Peterson Academy.

Peterson’s initiative brings eminent teachers from around the world to teach on important topics. Like the truth about feminism.

It is important that our society has been taught to believe in a completely erroneous version of social history.

For example, from the tyranny of a patriarchal society in which men deny women the right to vote, rape their wives at will, deprive them of property and income, and claim the privilege of keeping women firmly under their control, women The idea that exercise saved women.

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A couple and their daughter at their home in Youngstown, Ohio, October 1950. Since the 1960s, various anti-traditional movements such as modern feminism, sexual liberation, and gay rights have attracted attention in the West. The family system was hit hardest. (Doreen Spooner/Keystone Features/Getty Images)

As Fiamengo explained in a recent exchange with me, the reality was very different. The complexity of housework and childcare has meant that most women and men divide their tremendous labor into separate spheres of domestic and public affairs. ”

However, the most famous and revealing document on the American women’s movement of the early nineteenth century (pdf), “Declaration of Feelings”, claiming that “the history of mankind is the history of repeated injury and deprivation of women by men in direct opposition to the establishment of absolute tyranny over them”.

Written primarily by feminist leader Elizabeth Cady Stanton, the manifesto was full of fire-breathing allegations about the brutality of men’s treatment of women and the blatant misrepresentation of women’s situation.

Misconceptions such as men denied women the right to vote. “This is not true,” Fiamengo explains.

False rebuttals in feminist narratives

Reality, at the time, most male It was also not possible to vote in national elections, only wealthy people could vote.

Poll taxes, literacy requirements, and property eligibility restricted men’s voting rights, and voters obtained the right to vote in exchange for the duty to risk their lives to defend the country in war.

The proclamation also erroneously stated that a man could seize his wife’s property and wages, but the Married Women’s Property Act had already been passed and feminists conveniently ignored it.

But what about Britain’s intrepid suffragists? make clear Emmeline Pankhurst and her women’s suffrage movement have had a very dark history, using belligerent tactics including incendiary bombings of MPs’ homes.

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On December 14, 2018, a statue of women’s suffrage activist Emmeline Pankhurst, titled “Our Emmeline,” was unveiled in St. Peter’s Square in Manchester, North England. (Oli Scarff/AFP via Getty Images)

For their acclaimed work, Fiamengo explores themes that women agitated for reform throughout the 19th century — women’s higher education, changes in divorce laws and child custody, women’s property rights, age of consent, and more. — points out that all were seen. Male parliament acts swiftly.

The vast majority of British men lacked the right to vote. In fact, it was World War I that determined the issue of suffrage, and women’s service within the country—their work in munitions factories and farms—changed public attitudes towards women.

It was then passed by the British Parliament in 1917 and voted to expand the franchise to military men and women over the age of 30, who had previously been ineligible to vote.

“Feminist activists like Emmeline Pankhurst and her daughters are now seen as the great heroines of the noble suffrage struggle, but they have contributed little or nothing to victory,” said Fiamengo. I am concluding.

Could a man rape his wife in the nineteenth century? I did, says Fiamengo.

her details Wives at the time were understood to consent to sexual relations in the same way that men had contractual obligations, including being responsible for all of their wives’ debts. In fact, the moral harm of marital rape was widely acknowledged.

It is a real step forward for this impressive scholar to have the opportunity to educate a wider audience about what she has discovered. sub stack The blog is doing its best to end the whitewashing of feminist history.

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