“FIFA 21” and “Red Dead Redemption Online” are among the new Xbox Game Pass games in early May


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Earlier Microsoft announced the Xbox Game PassNew game lineup in early May. One of the most important works is “FIFA 21”, which was released on May 6th. Members will be able to play it on PC and Xbox from May 6th, and will also receive Volta Squad Street Football and Ultimate Team. Experience bonus rewards. In addition, “Escape 2” and “Extreme Peak” will also be available to PC and Xbox from May 6, the former will also support cloud games. On the 4th day earlier, today, “Dragon Quest: Genesis Game 2” was already available for PC and Xbox players to play.

Later, on May 13th, as many as 5 games will be put into the library. Including “Relics: Rebirth of Ashes” on PC, “Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remake” on Xbox and PC, “Red Dead Redemption Online” on Xbox and Cloud Games, and “Justice Defense 4″ on Xbox and PC and Cloud Games. Reloaded version” and “Brain Navigator”.

It is worth mentioning that 6 games including “Final Fantasy IX”, “Mind Killer” and “Hotline Miami” will leave the XGP game library on May 15th. Interested players remember to experience it quickly, or get started quickly while still using the Game Pass discount.

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