FIFA bans Russian national anthem and refuses to exclude country from World Cup for “home” matches

FIFA announced some restrictions on Russia on February 27, but the Sports Governing Body will not immediately expel the country from its international tournament qualifications.

A unanimous decision by the FIFA Bureau featuring six regional football federation presidents statement The Russian national team will no longer be able to compete under the name “Russia” and will have to play under the name of its federation “Russian Football Union (RFU)” instead.

National teams are also prohibited from hosting “home” matches, and all international matches must be played in a neutral area where Russian spectators are not allowed to enter the venue.

“Russian flags and national anthems are not used in matches involving teams from the Russian Football Union,” the agency said in a statement.

FIFA announced measures a few days after the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) Pulled the 2022 Champions League Moving from St. Petersburg to Paris, Russia and Ukraine said they were not allowed to host the game in their home countries and had to play in a neutral country. Noel Le Graet, president of the French Football Federation, told Le Parisien over the weekend that he was devoted to removing Russia from the World Cup.

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French Football Federation President Noel Le Graet will walk along the pitch before the UEFA EURO 2020 round of 16 games between France and Switzerland on June 28, 2021 at the National Arena in Bucharest. (Franck Fife / AFP via Getty Images)

Meanwhile, F1 has also canceled this season’s Grand Prix in Russia last week.

“The team discussed the position of our sport, and the conclusion is that it is impossible to hold the Russian Grand Prix in the current situation, including the views of all relevant stakeholders.” Formula One said in statement..

Euro backlash against FIFA’s refusal to expel Russia

Several national teams, including Poland and Sweden, quickly criticized FIFA’s reaction, saying that additional measures would not change their decision not to play against Russia.

“Today’s FIFA decision is completely unacceptable,” said Tsezarie Cressa, president of the Polish Football Association, on Twitter. “We are not interested in participating in this appearance game. Our stance remains unchanged. The Polish national team will not play against Russia, regardless of the team’s name.”

On March 24, Poland will face Russia in the World Cup playoff semifinals. The winners of the Russian and Polish playoffs will determine who the host country Sweden or Czech Republic will advance from November 21st to December on March 29th. 18 World Cup in Qatar.

Karl Eric Nilsson, chairman of the Union of Sweden, senior vice president of UEFA, told Fottbols Canalen that he was not happy with FIFA’s decision. The Czechs expressed the same view as Poland, saying that the FIFA compromise did not change their decision not to play against Russia.

FIFA is working with Poland, Sweden and the Czech Republic, saying, “We will be in close contact to find an appropriate and acceptable solution together.”

according to Rule As set out in the FIFA World Cup, the three countries may be liable for disciplinary action or compulsory fines and compensation if they refuse to play against Russia.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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