Fighters scramble and interfere with Lithuanian leaders

Helsinki (AP) — A press conference at NATO Air Force Base in Lithuania featuring the President of Lithuania and the Prime Minister of Spain will feature a pair of Spanish fighters acting as a leader’s background to monitor the air conditions in the Baltic Sea. Suddenly interrupted when scrambled.

The Spanish government said an unidentified plane alerted and temporarily suspended statements by Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda and Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez. Spanish media reported that the plane was Russian, but did not specify a government statement.

Nauseda and Sanchez were talking to two Eurofighter Typhoons at a base in the town of Siauliai. Live footage of a press conference showed when security officials suddenly interfered with the leader as the crew scrambled to board a fighter.

“Our press conference was interrupted by a real phone call …. you see, everything is working fine. Lithuanian public broadcaster LRT said after the incident, Nauseda said,” Thanks to Pedro (Sanchez). , We’ve actually seen how our air security mission works. “

When the press conference resumed, Sanchez told reporters:

The Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) joined NATO in 2004 and have no unique fighters. NATO is responsible for monitoring airspace every four months from the Siualiai and Amari bases in Estonia.

Lithuanian Defense Minister Arvydas Anusauskas confirmed on Facebook that a warning signal had been triggered at his base and posted a video of one of the Spanish fighters leaving.

Sanchez is the final day of a three-day trip to the Baltic States and has previously met with Estonian and Latvian officials.

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