Filipino family attacked in North Hollywood fast food drive-through seeks perpetrator extraction order


A Filipino-American family who was threatened and physically attacked by a man at a McDonald’s drive-through in North Hollywood, California last month asks the perpetrator for a withdrawal order.

Patricia Roque, 19, has expressed dissatisfaction with the family’s ongoing proceedings against Nicholas Weber, who is accused of hate crimes. He refused to attend the third indictment.

“It’s very frustrating,” Patricia said. Immigrant rights advocates Xenia Tupas on June 24th. “How long do I have to wait until I get a firm confirmation of something? This is Weber’s third refusal.”

“We know we’re putting enough pressure, but it’s very difficult to put that pressure on the right authorities, and they’re what people and my family do in this case. You can ask what you want, “she added.

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Weber, who is currently detained by police, refused to leave the cell for prosecution. According to a joint statement by the Philippine Immigration Center, the National Alliance for Philippine Concerns (NAFCON) and Migrante Los Angeles, the hearing was not advanced due to his absence.

Ann Arrest warrant Issued after Weber did not appear in court on June 8. He was arrested in Orange County on June 16th, Charge with battery It causes serious personal injury and misdemeanor, both of which are accompanied by increased hate crimes.

The 31-year-old was filmed after harassing and assaulting the location family. McDonald’s drive-through at Victory Boulevard in North Hollywood on May 13. Weber reportedly rear-ended his family’s car before telling Patricia and her mother Nerissa that she was “very Asian.” Weber allegedly used racial slurs and threatened to kill them with an Asian accent.

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When Weber tried to open the car door to go to Patricia, the verbal attack became physical, but was stopped by his father Gabriel, who arrived at the scene minutes after being called by Patricia. His 60-year-old father was beaten to the ground and broke his ribs in an attack. Nerissa is allegedly suffocated when trying to stop Weber.

Activists gathered outside the Van Nuys District Attorney’s Office on June 17th. Demand justice for the family. Dozens of supporters have asked authorities to thoroughly investigate the case and prosecute Weber for committing a hate crime.

Patricia called the district attorney George Gascon’s allegation of close contact with his family “exaggerated.”

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“He’s wrong with his information. If he’s trying to soothe people, if he’s trying to soothe my family for his own political and personal interests, he’s obviously wrong. Before making a statement, it’s a good idea to first look at the background of our case. Said.. “He said the incident happened 10 days ago, but it’s actually more than a month since the incident happened.”

“He also said he was in close contact with his family, no,” she added. “I think he contacted my parents only once, but that’s not the same as close contact. And not only that, we haven’t heard anything from lawyers or him.”

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