Filipino government lawyer deadly shot in Philadelphia

Philadelphia — A Filipino government lawyer was fatally shot in Uber while visiting Philadelphia, officials said Sunday.

Officials said John Albert Leiro and his mother boarded a plane to Philadelphia International Airport and stopped at Uber on Saturday at a red light near the University of Pennsylvania at around 4:10 am.

Police said several bullets were fired at Uber from the black car behind him. Police said in a news release that the black car was pulled up with Uber and fired a few more rounds.

Police said Leiro was shot in the back of his head, taken to a hospital and sentenced to death on Sunday.

No one was arrested and no weapons were found, police said. Authorities did not provide any suspicious motivation and did not state whether Leiro, his mother, or the Uber driver was intentionally targeted. The murder investigator is investigating and looking for a surveillance video.

According to KYW-TV in Philadelphia, the Philippine Consulate General said the victim was a government lawyer.

It wasn’t clear whether Uber’s driver or Leiro’s mother was injured, but the latter posted on Facebook on Sunday showing that she had been hit by a shrapnel, a son she calls Jar. He was 35 years old who said he was on vacation with him.

“I never imagined or dreamed … the end of our vacation would be like this!” Leah Bustamante Laylo is touring sites in New York, Washington and Philadelphia with her and her son. I wrote it in the post with a snapshot of. “We traveled together, and we are supposed to go home together! Immediately put them in a box and take them home!”

Philadelphia, along with other big cities in the United States, is experiencing a surge in gun violence. In one of the notable episodes on June 4, three people were killed and several were injured in a gun battle in the red-light district of South Street, about three miles from the shooting that killed Leiro.

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