Filipino woman shows “white privilege card” instead of driver’s license during Anchorage traffic stop — drive away without ticket


An investigation into the interaction of Anchorage police with a Filipino woman who handed her a “white privilege card” in place of her driver’s license when she was pulled to Alaska has begun.

Mimi Israel claimed in a Facebook post that is currently being deleted that she was driving to an Anchorage pizzeria when she was pulled due to traffic jams.

Israel wrote that she couldn’t find her driver’s license when “Executive Bo” asked to see her driver’s license.

“When I saw the white privilege card, I gave him if it was okay,” she wrote in her caption. “He laughed and called his partner. He was the first to see white privilege. [sic] card. “

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In addition to explaining the interaction, the woman posted a selfie in a Facebook post, apparently with an Anchorage police officer. In her photo, she has a novelty card that says “White privilege card is the trump card for everything.”

and video You can see two police officers standing outside her car, reposted on Twitter, apparently taken by the Israelis. When she asks her officer if she likes her card, one of the unidentified officers replies, “It’s hilarious.”

At the end of the video, the comments on the Facebook post will flash. This shows a user asking if an Israeli has received a ticket. The woman replied, “No.”

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It is unknown whether the Israelis were quoted or disciplinary action was taken against the officers. However, an Anchorage police spokesperson said an investigation into police interactions with Filipino women had begun.

“The case is currently under investigation and is related to personnel issues, so we cannot answer these questions, according to the city’s law firm,” Anchorage police spokesman Sunny Gerin told The Associated Press. Written by email.

“I would like to talk to the community personally, clarify internal standards of conduct, and clarify to Anchorage citizens the expectations of APD employees and how they interact with the community,” said police chief Michael Kerle. It states as follows. statement “As law enforcement experts, we are responsible for our actions. I believe that the actions of one police officer can affect the trust between the police and our community. I am aware of that. “

“Our mission is to protect and serve our community in the most professional and compassionate way possible,” Kale added. “Our vision is to create an environment where everyone is important.”

Israel flies from California to Alaska to participate in the Donald Trump Rally, “Frontline Jaws.. The rally is reportedly Under support A local Republican candidate backed by Trump.

Anchorage Police Sergeant Jeremy Conkling, chairman of the Anchorage Police Union, said the relevant police officers had been notified of the investigation.

“There’s always more to the story than the pictures tell,” Conchling said. Said.. “We look forward to these officers having the opportunity to explain to the department what their thoughts were and what their intentions were, because only they can speak to it.”

Featured image via Mimi Israel