Filipinos continue to protest after the Marcos clan returns to power

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Marcos, the son of a Filipino dictator, wins the election

Story: Ferdinand Marcos Jr. won a spectacular landslide victory in the Philippine presidential election on Monday, returning the son of a former dictator to the top of the country. In informal tally, Marcos, commonly known as “bonbon,” was more than doubled. The vote of his closest rival set the stage for an unthinkable return to the rule of the Marcos family. 36 years after retreating to exile during the “People’s Power” uprising. Manila supporters cheered when the news came in. We vote here to support and wait for the results. And now we have won over 20 million votes for BBM! Having debated during the campaign and rarely appeared in the media, he was able to limit scrutiny and manage the message through a network of influential bloggers. Critics say the campaign sought to undermine the credibility of cr’s historical account of the famous thief politics of onism, looting, and atrocities during the Marcos dictatorship (about half of which were under martial law). The administration ended in 1986, before many of Marcos Jr.’s supporters were born. Some are convinced that past stories are lies invented by adversaries. His presidency is expected to continue the policy of retiring leader Rodrigo Duterte, whose ruthless and influential approach has become popular and has helped to strengthen power.