“Final Fantasy 14” PS5 version open beta

Square Enix

Square Enix

As announced, the PS5 version of “Final Fantasy 14” officially opened its public beta today.As the game went live, Square Enix also borrowed PlayStation Blog Some of its improvements are introduced. It is reported that the PS5 version will provide 3 levels of rendering resolutions of 4K, 1440p and 1080p. Both 1440p and 1080p can run at 60fps, and the frame rate will be limited to about 40fps after turning on 4K. According to SE, even in complex scenes, the game should be able to maintain almost 30fps performance.

In addition, the UI originally designed for 720p screens has also changed. SE has improved its resolution through AI tools and some manual tasks. The new version will also integrate 3D sound effects. When the player changes direction, he should be able to hear the changes in ambient sound. Not surprisingly, the new version also relies on the PS5’s tactile system, adding tactile feedback to many actions. After entering FPS mode, the adaptive trigger on the DualSense handle can also bring a new experience. In addition, thanks to the SSD of the new host, the loading time of the game has also become shorter.

All owners of the PS4 version of “Final Fantasy 14”, if you have already started with PS5, you can now upgrade for free. If you are a new player, SE also provides the opportunity to try some of the content for free. According to the official statement, because of the “large amount of existing content” in “Final Fantasy 14”, they decided to conduct a public beta of the PS5 version first just in case. If everyone plays well, the official version will be launched.

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