Finance Commission officials have been warned of legal action regarding vaccine obligations

The issuance of the advocacy group “Feds For Freedom” issues a cease and desist letter on behalf of federal officials.

Advocates representing federal and federal-regulated employees warn senior Canadian Finance Commission officials that Ottawa’s COVID-19 vaccine could unfairly violate the human rights of clients and trigger legal action. I am.

On January 26, a lawyer at Feds For Freedom, a civil servant nonprofit organization, issued a “cease and desist” letter to several senior officials of the Canadian Finance Commission, a federal civil servant civil servant. The federal vaccine obligation warns that it is “unjustice, unconstitutional, and inherently criminal.”

Feds For Freedom represents a group of employees who “face unauthorized or unsolicited unpaid leave and are indistinguishable from breach dismissals” as a result of the federal government’s compulsory COVID-19 vaccination policy. doing.

“As federal civil servants, we have been deprived of our livelihoods. We have endured an unprecedented amount. [of] Stress and hardship. We have been harassed, ridiculed, ridiculed, and instigated against us with hatred and violence.This type of abuse is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. ” Said in a press release on January 26th..

Notified financial authorities include President Monafortier, Finance Commission Secretary Peter Wallace, Chief Human Resources Officer Christine Donohue, and Ministers of all Departments of Canada’s Core Administration (CPA), including RCMP. increase.

October 6, 2021, Federal Government Announced policy Mandatory CPA federal civil servants to be vaccinated with COVID-19 by October 21, 2021.

Feds For Freedom stated that individual physical autonomy, informed consent, and freedom from coercion, intimidation, and bullying are fundamental rights. They threatened to take legal action, raise multiple human rights claims, and apply for “injunction relief and punitive damages” if the federal government moves to suspend or dismiss employees. ..

Federal government employees on behalf of the group expressed concern about being “forced by the Government of Canada to submit to experimental drug therapy” such as Pfizer and Moderna’s mRNA COVID-19 injections.

May 2021, Health Canada Approved clinical trials For the Pfizer-BioNTech Comirnaty and Moderna Spikevax COVID-19 vaccines, the estimated completion date for the study is set to April 2023.

Feds For Freedom also cites the Nuremberg Code, a set of ethical principles that limit human experimentation, where unvaccinated Canadians are “citizen for privacy by being forced to disclose the status of the vaccine. Legal rights are routinely violated. “

“Employers are legally required to respect the independence and dignity of their employees in order to respect the confidentiality of medical information, even after the death of the employee, threats from government authorities. Even if they do, they will not use their medical knowledge to violate the human rights and civil liberties of their employees. “

“Forced experimental drug injection therapy on Canadian Government employees at risk of loss of livelihood is clearly a violation of the Canadian Criminal Code and the Government of Canada’s own Constitution.”

Andrew Chen


Andrew Chen is a Toronto-based Epoch Times reporter.