Fiona briefly calls off Quebec election campaign


Post-Tropical Storm Fiona caused some disruption on Saturday’s campaign trail as some political parties canceled scheduled events, while François Legault, leader of the Coalition Avenir Quebec, hit Atlantic Canada and parts of it. The campaign was temporarily suspended to manage the response to the strong winds. Quebec.

The incumbent prime minister, Leghort, has resumed his reappointment.selection bid on Saturday afternoon after meetings with public security officials in Quebec Hold a briefing with the city and the press corps.

CAQ campaign resumed at scheduled meeting QuebecMayor Bruno Marchand. But a large partisan rally in Terrebonne, north of Montreal, on Saturday night has been postponed, Legault said.

of Quebec, Fiona took the brunt of the expected shocks Saturday through Sunday morning as it hit Madeleine Island, Gaspé and the Lower North Shore of the state. All party leaders expressed their congratulations to the storm-hit Quebec citizens.

Gabriel Nadeau Dubois, co-spokesperson for Quebec Solidaire, canceled a press conference in Montreal but was scheduled to meet with party supporters in Rimouski, Quebec. later in the day.

Liberal Party leader Dominic Anglade said he was closely monitoring the situation in the affected areas, but continued his campaign in the west. Quebec As planned in the Outaouais area.

Once a liberal stronghold, CAQ won three of the five horse riding events held in the region in 2018. selection The Liberals are in danger of losing the two votes they hold, according to polling site

Anglade held rallies in the area on Friday and campaigned again on Saturday before returning to Montreal at the end of the day.

“The Utahues have been neglected for the past four years, and their health and economic performance are testament to that,” Anglade said.

With less than a week left until election day on October 3, all five party leaders will appear live on Sunday night on Radio Canada’s popular primetime talk show, Tout le monde en parle. is.

Quebec Party leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon also suspended his own campaign on Friday because of flu-like symptoms. He tested negative three times for COVID-19 using rapid testing said he would return to Hastings only after confirmation of the PCR test on Saturday.

“As a precautionary measure, we will wait for the return of the PCR before officially resuming the campaign,” he told reporters during a scrum in Longueuil in Coué. .”

conservative party Quebec Leader Eric Duheim Quebec Riding the streets of Chauveau trying to win a seat in parliament.

He called on Conservative supporters to get a large vote to ensure that the party could elect its members. Especially in the constituencies where he’s running for election, on Sunday he’ll start two days of early voting.

Sidasa Banerjee

canadian press