Fire on the apron at Chek Lap Kok Airport in Hong Kong destroyed goods suspected to be Vivo Y20 mobile phones

Fire in Hong Kong International Airport

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according toHong Kong 01 It is reported that a fire broke out on the apron of Chek Lap Kok Airport in Hong Kong at 5 am on the 11th. After receiving the report, the firefighters successfully controlled the fire. In the end, no casualties were caused by the incident, but a batch of goods were burned. It can be seen from the exposed live images that the burnt goods seem to include Vivo’s Y20 mobile phone and related accessories. However, the Hong Kong Airport Authority stated that it is still investigating the specific cause of the fire, and the operation of the airport has not been affected.

Hong Kong Air Cargo

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But according to the follow-up WeChat official accountMost shippingSuspected Hong Kong Airlines shipping emergency notice posted, “all types” of Vivo mobile phones are now embargoed. In the response below the article, some readers said that Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines, and China Southern Airlines have also made similar decisions. Regarding this incident, Vivo has not yet issued any statement. But there is an example of the spontaneous combustion of the Galaxy Note 7.