Firefighters blocked helping Floyd return to the stand

Minneapolis (AP) — A Minneapolis firefighter complaining about being prevented from using her EMT training to help George Floyd is tried by a dismissed police officer charged with Floyd’s death. I will return to the stand on Wednesday.

One of several bystanders, Genevieve Hansen, heard a scream when Derek Chauvin pinned Floyd face down outside a convenience store last May. Shouted on Tuesday She told her how she couldn’t come to Floyd’s help or tell the police what to do, such as chest compressions.

“There was a man who was killed,” said Hansen, who witnessed in a dress uniform and detailed the training of emergency medical technicians. “I would have been able to maximize my ability to provide medical care, and this person was denied that right.”

Hansen was one of several onlookers to testify what they saw about Floyd’s May 25 death on Tuesday.They explained that frustration, anger, and despair were growing when they were begging. Chauvin Take off your knees Floyd’s neck.

Witnesses after witnesses explained how Chauvin was not moved by their plea, including a teenager who shot a disastrous video of the arrest that caused the national protest. She said police officers gave the crowd a “cold” and “ruthless” gaze.

“He didn’t care. He didn’t seem to care what we were saying,” said 18-year-old Darnera Frazier, one of several witnesses who wept and testified. Said.

According to witness and bystander videos, Chauvin continued to kneel on Floyd, Hansen confirmed that he was a firefighter, and even when he repeatedly begged to check Floyd’s pulse, fellow officer Tousao. Suppressed a crowd of about 15 people.

“They definitely put their hands on the mace, and we all turned back,” Frazier told the jury.

45-year-old Chauvin was charged with murder and manslaughter and accused of killing Floyd by fixing a 46-year-old handcuffed black man on the pavement after a prosecutor said 9 minutes and 29 seconds. It was. Floyd was arrested after being charged with trying to hand over a counterfeit $ 20 bill at a convenience store.

Floyd’s death triggered, along with a video of his bystander complaining that he couldn’t breathe Sometimes violent protest Calculations of racism and police atrocities around the world and throughout the United States

The most serious accusations against Chauvin involve up to 40 years in prison.

The defense carried out what Chauvin was instructed in his training, and Floyd’s death was caused not by police officers, but by a combination of illegal substance use, heart disease, high blood pressure, and adrenaline flowing through his body. Insisted.

On Tuesday, the prosecution asked witnesses to explain their fear of what they saw and strengthened the testimony in multiple videos. Many said Floyd was helpless and guilty when he gasped for air, pleaded for his life, and finally became silent and his eyes rolled down in his head.

The testimony seemed to be aimed at showing that Chauvin had multiple opportunities to think about what he was doing and change course.

However, Chauvin’s lawyer Eric Nelson portrays spectators as anger and excitement to show that the crowd poses a potential threat to police who may have distracted them during their encounter with Floyd. I tried.

Hansen testified that the crowd was even more upset and that rescue workers performed a “road and go.” Floyd was placed on a stretcher and immediately moved away from the crowd so that he could be treated elsewhere.

Earlier on Tuesday, one of the onlookers, Donald Williams, testified that he had called 911 “because he believed he had witnessed the murder” after the rescue workers had taken Floyd away. In the recording of the emergency call, Williams can be heard yelling at the police.

During the interrogation, Nelson pointed out that Williams seemed to be more and more angry with the police, calling Chauvin by names such as “tough guy” and “ass”, after which the defense lawyer went to court. Called Chauvin’s explosives that were repeated in.

Williams, a professional mixed martial arts fighter, admitted that he was angry at first, but then turned back and was a controlled professional, begging for Floyd’s life. I didn’t hear it.

Williams said he was stepping on the curb, and at some point Sao put his hand on Williams’ chest. Williams admitted that if Sao touched him again, he would beat the policeman.

However, witnesses also testified that bystanders did not interfere with the police.

When asked by the prosecutor if he had seen violence somewhere on the scene, Frazier replied: From Chauvin, and from Tao officer. “

Also on Tuesday, the prosecutor played a cell phone video recorded by another bystander, 18-year-old Alyssa Funari. After Floyd stopped moving, Chauvin was seen screaming onlookers. The footage also showed Hanson, a Minneapolis firefighter, quietly walking to Sao and offering help. He ordered her to return to the sidewalk.

“I felt like there was nothing I could do as a bystander,” he added, adding that the tearful Funari felt that Floyd had failed. “I could do something technically, but I couldn’t do anything physically … because I had the best power at the time,” she said, referring to the police.

Frazier testified that he saw his father and other black men in his life and wondered, “Why was it one of them?”

“I stay up late and apologize for George Floyd’s doing nothing more … he didn’t save his life,” she said, adding Chauvin. That’s what he should have done. “


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