Firefighters spend more than 24 hours working on Edinburgh’s flames


Firefighters are still working on a flame in the heart of Edinburgh that began more than 24 hours ago.

The Scottish Fire Rescue Team (SFRS) was summoned on Tuesday at 6:18 am on fire affecting several facilities on the George IV Bridge.

One was taken to the hospital and the other was treated on-site.

An image of the area on Tuesday morning shows smoke coming from the Patisserie Valerie branch next to the Elephant House Cafe, which became famous as the place where JK Rowling wrote many of her early Harry Potter series. Was shown.

According to SFRS, four fire trucks and one height fixture were left on the scene at 7 am Wednesday morning.

Some road closures were still in place.

Elephant House owner David Taylor told the BBC that the fire wasn’t widespread, but his building was damaged by smoke and water.

He told the broadcaster:

“We can expect it to open in a few weeks at most, but if there is structural damage, it’s unbearable to think about it.

“I was running only about 50% of the festival’s transactions, but I’m very worried because it just returned to normal two years later.”

Police in Edinburgh wrote on Twitter: “Due to the fire, # GeorgeIVBridge and #CandlemakerRow will remain closed for the time being.

“Avoid this area for the time being. Emergency services continue to participate.”

Lucinda Cameron